Ad|Event and Gift. It feels weird writing about things when we could freely go outside and do fun things. However, Pandora * were so lovely and gave me such a pretty bracelet and charms. That I wanted to give you a rundown of what I did and what I got because we have to something to cheer ourselves up don’t we!?

pandora charms and necklaces in a jewellery box and my azurina blue bag in the background

So can you believe I’ve never owned a Pandora * piece before now? I’ve been to a couple of shop events (meeting Jamie Redknapp at one!) And have always fancied a ring from there. But a charm bracelet was never for me. I do love charms though I just didn’t think the bracelets were my thing. Well, I now know how wrong I was.

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Lucy in a floral dress and holding the Azurina Palm Springs Blue Bag

I’d seen a few fab influencers showing off their Pandora jewellery and I’d started to take note of a few things I’d liked if theirs. (Check out Katie’s (The Silver Mermaid ) collection!) So when an invite to an event showcasing the new Pandora zodiac and birthstone collection a few weeks later I was very intrigued to check it all out!

pandora charms and necklaces in a jewellery box and my azurina blue bag in the background

The Pandora Zodiac Event

Held at Lost and Found in Leeds it was a casual affair. As it was all about the Pandora Zodiac Charms there was an astrologer there to give readings. I was dead excited for them as I’ve always had an interest in star signs. Going right back to my teenage magazine reading years (Just Seventeen anyone?) Recently I have started to learn a little bit more about my own. I’m a Capricorn but learnt that my moon sign is Taurus. I was excited to see what Francesca Oddie had to say. What I found out is that I’m boring! When asked about interesting things that have happened to me I couldn’t give much info.

Apparently that’s because I’m very earthy (both Capricorn sun and Taurus moon are earth signs.) So take a lot in my stride. I just see what I do as just the norm and don’t consider anything I do to be that special. She also said my number is 7 and that means I’m a bit quirky or weird. It explains why everyone at school called me Phoebe from friends! I’d be intrigued to have a longer session that I’d prepare a bit more for by having a think about important times in my life, which would help.

the astrologer reading laura sat at a table

I listened to Rachel Nicole’s reading too and that was so accurate based upon what she was saying – things that no one would know! Laura also said hers brought out something she’s been thinking about launching and got it to a T. Both things she couldn’t have known about. I think I need to be make knowledgable and so more open.

Pandora open bracelet charms with a bag and ehad band plus some photos from the Pandora Event

Pandora Zodiac Charm, Birthstone Charm and Open Bracelet in Silver

After all that excitement, I was given a beautiful gift to take away. My very own bracelet and charms personal to me. I love the bracelet as it’s a hard cuff style open bracelet which is so me. Being plus size I often invest in cuffs in both costume and finer jewellery as they are easy to fit on my wrist being more open. Whereas a fixed bracelet is harder to get around the largest part of the hand I often find and then is too big for my wrists when I do.
I was so happy the team had put that into consideration when choosing my bracelet as some of the other girls got a full round bracelet which wouldn’t have worked for me. I don’t know what size mine is but you can get it in 4 sizes which fit wrists from 15cm to 20.5cm. My wrist measures as 18cm for reference. This one is mine but is out for stock at the moment – but see below for a fab deal. This one is the same price but has a snake chain effect like the traditional bangles. Both are £60 and sterling silver.

Charm wise they gave me two, a Capricorn Sparkling Pandora zodiac charm (£35)* and a January Birthstone Heart Dangle Charm (£30)*. The Pandora zodiac charms are silver with little sparkles in them on one side and the other is textured with little stars so when it spins around it’s still pretty. The pandora birthstone dangle charms are a little heart shape with a dark red man-made stone in the centre of the January one. My birthstone is Garnet which is dark red so this is what this represents. I chatted more about my obsession with birthstones on this post. There is this set with the open bracelet I have for £75 saving £15 so if you’re planning to get both that works out better value.

wearing the bracelet holding strips of photos from the event photo booth

Growing My Collection…

Since getting this I’ve now ordered two more charms, one to remind me of my Poppy Cat who we lost this week (new pink daisy one) and one because it has letters LOVED dangling from it (only £15 in the sale). I’m thinking about removing the O and D to make it my initials! So here I am quite hooked on Pandora haha! Do you have anything from the brand in your collection? I’m now eyeing up the necklaces and a few other charms which I might treat myself to on payday!

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