I’ve been interested in my birthstone since forever and I think I remember what got me hooked. It was non other than the Argos catalogue!!! For those of you that are quite young, before this crazy thing called the internet became accessible to all, us kids used to have to find things to keep us amused when it was raining out. Catalogues were a random but entertaining option. You weren’t anyone if you didn’t circle your Christmas list on at least most of the pages of a catalogue! My fave thing to do was to pour through the pages with a friend imagining money was no object and you had to choose one item from each double spread ONLY between you.

It was whilst playing that ‘game’ that I started to read between the products and learnt more about birthstones. I loved that mine was a vivid deep red and I’m always surprised to find people who don’t know their birthstone! (If you don’t check out this Birthstone Chart to see!). So when the lovelies at Gemporia sent me this Ombré Birthstone Candle* which has 6cts of my birthstone, Garnet in the top of it it took me back to those days!

The design of this candle is so pretty with its ombré red to pink outer and the garnet scattered across the top which float in the top layer as the candle burns,  it’s just so elegant! It has a lovely light floral smell with freesias being the flower of choice for this one, my mum loves freesias so she’d love this, however she’s a March baby so I’m waiting to see what that month brings!(and I’m not parting with this beauty!)

It makes a great birthday gift for anyone who likes candles but even more so for gemstone or birthstone obsessives like me I’d say so worth checking it out! Or if you just think it’s pretty and love floral scents and fancy treating yourself then this is perfect as it’s now reduced to £19.99.

Tell me below if you knew your birthstone won’t you as I’m really intrigued to know how many of you do and don’t!

*Indicates item provided for consideration of review. As always words and opinions are my own.