Three Graces Spa at Grantley Hall

lucy is sat in the outside part of the pool, bubbles are in the pol and steam is rising out. the sky is blue and wintery trees are in the background

The feeling of swimming out of the warm, cosy spa into the frosty, crisp outdoors is one I won’t forget in a while. Keeping my shoulders beneath the warm pool waters was a must as the steam dissipated into the cold January air. Luckily the morning after our stay at Grantley Hall was one of those winter days you long for. Blue skies and sunshine giving the hints that Spring will soon be here. Despite temperatures not being Spring like, and a wind that was quick to remind us we were in winter, it was still fabulous to enjoy the part of the Hydrotherapy Pool at the Grantley Hall Three Graces Spa, that is open to all weathers.

The rest of the Three Graces Spa Hydrotherapy Pool didn’t disappoint either, with lots of hydrotherapy stations in the inner part to enjoy and massage away your stresses. I particularly enjoyed the seated jet station which had sharp jets on the legs and arms and really helped my aching calves. Unfortunately my neck didn’t get the same treatment, as the water funnel is right next to where the loungers start. I didn’t want to be ‘that’ person who sprays everyone! I still made the most of all the others and the warmer temperature of that pool. There’s also a larger, cooler, pool if swimming lengths is more your thing.


As we had stayed at Grantley Hall we got access to the Three Graces Spa until noon the day after with our stay. (And from check in the day before.) Checkout at 11 meant we ended up staying about 2 hours after we’d had breakfast. Stays there start from £450 per night. For comparison, if you book a full spa day, at Three Graces Spa, then £245 each on a weekday gets you 930-4 spa access plus a light lunch, 60 minute treatment, use of the gym and the daily yoga class. I didn’t know about the yoga, so didn’t have my exercise gear with me. But that’s also open to residents and is on most mornings for all levels.

Thermal Suite

As well as the two pools, there’s the usual thermal suite options; Steam Room, Sauna, heated tiled beds and experience showers. There’s also the Snow Room which I was most excited to try… except when we visited it was broken. I was gutted! I love a good heated tile bed though and spent some time relaxing on there scrolling my phone. (A girl can’t always switch off you know!) That alongside the comfy padded loungers and Bali beds means there are plenty of places to relax and read a book or scroll social like me!

Plus Size Pointers

From a plus size perspective the loungers were sturdy and comfy and wide enough for a plus size frame. The beds have a towelling type affair already applied to them, which is good as the provided towels are very small. I could only just get the top to meet across my chest and it just gaped downwards from there. It certainly wouldn’t have been wide enough to lay on.

I made sure to ask about robe sizes as each locker already has them inside. I was told all the robes are XL. The 5 ladies ones I checked were all a medium. In the end I just got Luke to grab me one. Even then, the XL which was the men’s offering, was only just closing. On the flip-flop front Luke also got me a pair form the men’s lockers. The largest I found in the Ladies was an approximate size 5-6. I advocate for all spa’s to really consider this as its not convenient for anyone to have to go through lockers to find their size! Once you’ve found your size, you can take these away and use the bag they come in for wet swimwear. Nice touch, but didn’t make up for the Red Riding Hood approach to finding a robe and flip-flops that were just right.


Accessibility wise, all areas are classed accessible and they have hoists for the pools if you need it. There was a wheelchair user there when we visited actually which prompted me even more to look at the spa from that lens. There are treatment rooms that can house a wheelchair too and they have electric beds which makes things easier too.

Overall the spa is lovely, its accessible and set in the stunning Grantley Hall hotel means it just feels luxe before you’ve even walked in. Plus size wise, they could be better informed and prepared. I would have had to spend more time sourcing my sizes if it wasn’t for being with Luke. I’d love to go back again and see if it improves on that front, and to try the snow room! It was the main selling point for Luke who had been before when it was working. (Lucky thing!) The hydrotherapy pool was a standout for me and I’d love to go in spring or summer for a different type of experience.

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