Back in May when I’d hoped the weather might actually be nice – but wasn’t- we booked to go the Rudding Park Spa. It was whilst we were staying at the Harewood Holidays cottage (Press Trip). As it’s only about 15 mins away, so would have been rude not to! I’d wanted to go for a while as I’d only heard good things about the place and I knew the hotel was pretty after going to Lauren’s wedding there. 

lucy in the outdoor pool at rudding park spa


exterior of rudding park spa

We arrived early so I could take some photos without other people there. They hadn’t got the memo but were still accommodating of us luckily! The only people who can go into Rudding Park Spa earlier than that are hotel guests so there were a few early risers making the most of the facilities before breakfast. Not a bad way to live! 

lucy in a dressing gown walking down stairs

Robe wise, they were more than big enough. They give them to you along with a wrist band which I managed to lose within 5 mins of being there! So the lesson is don’t take it off for photos! Luckily they were more than nice enough to help me look and then to get me another to use for my locker! 

Swimming Pools

My fave part is always a pool so I was straight in their outdoor hydrotherapy infinity pool. There’s lots of various jets and an air lounger section in this pool and is a proper spa pool in my eyes! It just started to drizzle once we got out there and it’s safe to say that set the scene for the day, unfortunately.

It was even rainier when we legged it outside onto the rooftop to get in the spa bath (pool) which is warm and has jets around it. Needless to say, no one else was mad enough to do this so we had it to ourselves! They also have a final pool that’s accessible for hotel guests too which is an indoor pool. I was determined not to succumb to the great British weather so didn’t end up in this one. 

Thermal Experiences

Rudding Park Spa is not short of a thermal experience or two either. There’s what’s. Described as a panoramic sauna. Now whilst I was probably spoilt by the panoramic sauna at Wellness at Alpamare (Press Trip) I didn’t really consider this one very panoramic. It looks out onto an AstroTurf roof bit which is next to the pool which then gives you the same views of the gardens which are nice but the window isn’t even that panoramic for me. Nice view but maybe slightly over-egged! 

Then there are two steam rooms, a luxury one and a herbal one. Both are standard steam rooms and are well decorated with lush tiling, accent lighting and one boasting a cute domed roof feature. 

loungers in the sunlight therapy room at rudding park spa
loungers in the sunlight therapy room at rudding park spa

Then we found the rooms that for me, made the experience that but different. First up the Sunlight Therapy room. It has my fave features- a heated lounger and goes through a 20 min cycle of sunrise to sunset using safe ‘sunlight simulators’ that replicate natural sunlight, but with the harmful UV rays filtered out. It was so warm and lovely and I couldn’t help but feel relaxed. Claims are that it can help reduce SAD, and boats to encourage better sleep and can soothe aches and pains. Whilst we were there a guy who was a member of the spa was there and he used it for his arthritic pains and loved it. 

lucy in the oxygen pod at rudding park spa
oxygen pod at rudding park spa

My other fave room was the Oxygen Pod. A lush warm room with additional oxygen pumping through it and some dry salt benefits for the respiratory system. I loved it so much I went in three times! On top of this, there are the usual foot spas, amazing heated and moveable loungers and experience showers inside. 

Spa Gardens

Then there’s the open rooftop garden. Besides the spa bath, there are lots of loungers on the sun deck which we definitely didn’t need! Plus a garden sauna cabin which I preferred to the other one but is of course super hot. Finally, there’s the cabana at the end. It boasts a louvred roof which means rain doesn’t get in but it can et sunlight in. There’s also heaters and a fire pit for ultimate cosiness if the weather isn’t up to scratch. 

You can also hire this out for your visit if you are in a big group. Would be perfect for a special birthday or hen party! So bear in mind when you go you might not be able to use it.


horto restaurant in rudding park spa

We booked the rooftop spa with brunch which starts at 8/830 and finishes at 1230 with brunch in their Horto Cafe at 1030 it costs £65 each so isn’t the cheapest is spa days but it’s one of the cheapest options they do! The morning rooftop spa (without brunch) is £56 and that’s an arrival time of 9-930 until 1230. 

There wasn’t a massive selection for brunch that’s included. Luke had eggs benedict whilst I went for the bacon sandwich as it was the only non-egg thing they had (from memory). It took an age to come out. They did apologise but it was over twenty minutes before it was served. Then with time to eat etc it took a chunk out of the day. As you never go wet so we’d dried off skipped the pool etc ready for half ten. 

If I did it again I’d opt for without brunch or just not bother and enjoy the extra time! 

I have to say I really enjoyed a couple of the rooms at Rudding Park Spa, and do think that if the weather had been better I would have enjoyed this more. Sitting out on the sun deck would have been perfect with a Prosecco in hand! Alas, it wasn’t to be! I have to say our four hours went super fast. Probably not helped by our timely wait for brunch. I think a lovely crisp autumn day would be lovely to visit on, and maybe having a treatment instead of brunch would make the most out of the time were I to visit again.