The evening at Be At One Bar literally blew my mind. I had THE BEST cocktail of my life. I am not even exaggerating, it even beat my previous fave (The Balsamico at CoCo Ice in Bawtry- contains balsamic vinegar and raspberries to name a few ingredients). To rewind a little I was invited to the newest kid on the block in Sheffield for its VIP launch, with over 150 cocktails on the menu I knew I had to go! I orchestrated a lift there and back in the form of Mr E, and even managed a quick change before we left to go. 
The bar itself is on Devonshire Street,  not too far from another Sheffield fave, The Forum, and was pretty easy to find being Sheffield novices somewhat- admittedly we walked the long way round to it though!

be at one bar sheffield 
The bar is the main feature in the down stairs part with a cinematic style message board running across the top, on one side it said ‘Welcome Lads and Lasses’ which I thought was a good northern touch! It’s got neons on the walls which I became obsessed with taking photos of, the only downside is that it’s all high seating (so no normal chairs) which can hurt my back after a long time, I made sure I delayed the hurt by drinking all the cocktails. It worked so couldnt complain too much! There’s also a spacious upstairs and a massive mirrored wall which I think we all nearly walked into on our ascent up to the loo’s!! (That was pre cocktails for some too!!) 

cinematic sign be at one bar   
neon sign be at one bar sheffield  We quickly got stuck into working our way through the menu, with Mr E having an Oreo milkshake and me having a Killing Monica (the champagne glass one above) Next up we both went alcoholic which is when I had my favourite one Irish Disco Biscuit (below with the Oreo on the top) and Luke had Popster (it’s actually has popcorn in it and on it!). The disco biscuit is just lush, and is now hailed as my favourite cocktail, with Baileys, creme de menthe ice cream and Oreos it’s mint chocolate perfection. 

popster cocktail Irish Disco Biscuit and Popster
beetroot retox cocktail 

Rhy’s Pieces and Beetroot Retox 
The service in the bar itself is literally amazing, everyone was chatty, and interested in talking about you and them, they were fab at recommending drinks, talking about their favourites with a real passion. And they should be too- they train for 2 months before they can even start to serve here, so they really are experts in what they do, and friendly experts too! 

cocktails at be at one bar    
Drink responsibly guys and girls.

 I actually did and after trying a Beetroot Retox, Peach Mojito, E-Poo and a few other non alcoholic cocktails we departed home via Subway who were also the nicest sandwich artists I’ve met yet! (except for Mr E who did a stint there in his youth!) so double bonus Sheffield! I think this bar is something I’ve found lacking on a Sheffield night out and actually makes me want to try a full on night out there soon! I’ve also found out there’s one in Leeds so I’m going to be sure to visit there to get my Disco Biscuit fix. They have an app too which has its own Appi hour and random cocktail for £5 each day – I will be back for sure and I’m eyeing up the London branches for this weekend!