You may or may lot have noticed it’s been a week or so since I last properly posted, and it’s really been my first proper break from blogging at least weekly. I took the decision as I really wanted to step back and think about what I want this to be all about, I thought about this year and the upcoming years and what they hopefully hold for me and what direction I feel I’m going in. I don’t think I can ever have a blogging niche, it’s not for me, I can never stick to specified things and I just wanted this space to be about what I enjoy and like. That’s why the naming of this blog was so generic, and for anyone who has seen my business cards will know I love a lot of things and that was always the plan! 

However I’ve started to think about how it’s developing and changing.   I mean it started out as an outlet for nail art amongst other things and the last time I featured nail art was soooo long ago! (I’ve taken that feedback and I’m working on it!) so I got to embracing the change curve and am moving up the curve as I’ve now established what I want to be talking about. 


I still absolutely love make up and beauty. I want to do more make up looks on here so that’s my aim, I’m also going to be looking at cruelty free brands, and working my way to having a solely cruelty free make up bag and bathroom cabinet. 

Plus Size Fashion

I love trend led,affordable, high street fashion. I’m not quirky,avant garde or vintage loving. I’m a high street, core trend, wearable , affordable fashionista and that’s how it will stay on here. I want to show accessible affordable fashion and how I wear it with confidence. 


This is the big change for me, last year I was lucky to travel quite a bit but i didn’t share this so much on my blog – this year I will. I love landscape and architectural photography so really want to include that as part of my blog. Plus giving you great hints and tips about where to stay and what to do if you go to places too! This will be in the UK and abroad and will often include fashion and travel tips as well as food and general sight seeing travel. Look out for the #pstraveller to keep up to date with my goings on online. I’ve already got some great content worked up for pre travel so keep your eyes out!

Food and Drink

I am no cook or baker. I do however eat well! I’ll be including great restaurants and bars from my travels as well as closer to home places as I have done in the past. I mean who doesn’t love drooling over food? Am I right?!
Writing all this down helps my thought processes get in line with what I want to do. As I said there’s certainly no niche to this blog and I’m really looking forward to sharing my travels with you all! I’ll even include some retrospective posts to share with you some gems of places I’ve already managed to find at home and away.

Let me know what you think to the changes below!