So following on from Monday’s Post here’s another alternative Halloween suggestion and trust me when I say this will be Lukes favourite to do I’m sure! He hates that I have a low attention span, and so when we watch movies I get distracted, or that I’m on my phone trying to blog or generally trying to do something alongside watching a film. So project ‘get Luke to like Halloween’ is this: watch a truck load of movies and promise to watch one with my full attention! I used this ‘method’ over the last two years when I wanted to put the Christmas tree up earlier than he did so I agreed to watch Harry Potter with no distractions (I’d never watched them before) and it worked so I think this will be perfect to do this Friday night in prep for the weekend! 

I was sent this box of goodies from HMV* which consolidated my plans (and made them a bit better to be honest!). They sent me the Exorcist (may have to be on my phone for that one so I can look away at the scary bits!) and Hocus Pocus- I’ll commit to full attention for this one! Plus popcorn, cocktail,a chocolate ghost and sweets plus some Halloweeny bits to decorate with, this gold skull candle has already been added to my glam decorations, it’s perfect! 

Of course I’ve even outfit planned for the occasion, I’ll be sporting my comfy fleecy jama’s but if I was splashing out I’d for sure wear these ASOS Curve Fang Print Pyjamas and some fluffy bed socks. A big furry throw will also be a necessity so I can hide behind it if it’s too scary and the phone won’t do! 

So thanks to HMV* for my little home movie package, and I’ll let you all know how I get on! What I want to know is, what movies would you choose to watch for a Halloween night in?! Let me know below! 

*Thanks to HMV for my scary home movie themed box, as always thoughts and views are my own!