I’m going to start this with controversy I don’t like Halloween that much. Luke (Mr E) has more of a hatred. He doesn’t decorate the house and if we get trick or treaters he gets mad as he says it’s clear we aren’t partaking in Halloween! Now I’ve never been trick or treating so just haven’t ever been that much into it, but I do like the dressing up aspect of it and I often manage to persuade him to get some Haribo bags in for the mites that come knocking; but overall we’re just not all that into it. Each year we’ve ended up with last min plans which have meant scrabbling around for a dress up outfit, but this year we aren’t doing much (so far). So with that in mind I started to try and get Luke out of his ‘Scrooge’ over Halloween and I came up with some ideas of things to do that’s weren’t your average get dressed up kind of things!

So first up was to decorate the house and have our own ‘glam’ Halloween party. I started a Pinterest board for it and everything! My inspiration was this gold pumpkin from Asda, I didn’t want to decorate and it be all spiderwebs and skeletons, I wanted a more ‘grown up’ feel to the fun, and one I could get Luke excited about. I picked up various black glitter skulls, sequin pumpkins and other bits to create more of a table centre piece for our nibbles and drinks. I love how it turned out, and I even got some gold party poppers to add a bit more class (who’d have thought you could get a classy party popper!?).

Following the classy/glam theme I was sent this amazing vodka by 31Dover.com*. This Halloween they’ve branded themselves as the unofficial sponsor of Halloween Parties and have got some bundles perfect for Halloween and I’m loving them. I mean how easy is it to order some drinks and get it delivered the next day?! Very handy if you’re the ones holding an impromptu party like we’ve been to on many an occasion!

I didn’t think it was possible to love a vodka bottle more than the one we found at the back of the alcohol cupboard at uni when we thought we’d run out of all booze, (Drink Responsibly Folks) but turns out I can. I got the Mexican Skull design, from Iordanov* and it’s made of over 1000 crystals, and isn’t it just so pretty?! Besides being pretty it’s a smooth vodka and tastes fab mixed or straight, however I want to make some cocktails on the night. I can’t do anything too complicated so it’s a drizzle of raspberry purée down the insides of this small tumbler glass, then add vodka, triple sec and pineapple juice. The idea is that the purée looks like dripping blood. I like. I do not like that I went to my local supermarket and they’ve stopped selling raspberry purée so I couldn’t make one to show you! Grrrr.

I also got a little gift set from 31Dover*,  you can make these up yourselves choosing a selection of mini alcohol bottles (perfect for a gift!) and I chose the mini crystal skull, again as it’s so cute! Literally this is decoration in itself. Once I’ve emptied it of its contents I’m thinking about filling it with some coloured water, I think it would look really fab. Also in the gift set were these Marshmallow and Toffee Fudge Vodkas. I thought they were appropriate for the season, and were probably more bonfire themed but still work. I quite fancy trying a version of the squashed frog shot for these, I’m thinking one of these at the bottom then advocat, then grenadine and topped with Irish Cream (Baileys basically– or the new Baileys pumpkin spiced version maybe!!) if the layering works it will look fab- it does take a steady hand though.

I did think about serving food but decided that we’d basically pig out on all the emergency sweets I’d bought for trick or treaters that never came!! Not so glam but hey ho. I was tempted to use the Rowntree’s Glitter Jelly in one of those brain jelly mounds but then remembered I’m not a child (but still so tempted to do this so watch this space!).

Outfit wise it’s less about dressing up and more about themed fashion. Black lace and velvet are my thoughts! I’ll for sure be wearing my black cat pumps from ASOS (after adding heel grips to them thanks to them making my feet bleed upon first wear- then again if they did it again that would be quite Halloween wouldn’t it?). Cutest shoes I own for sure and they came in a size 9. Perfect. Lastly being accessories queen I’ll be wearing my bat choker. I made it myself , andjust adds a subtle nod to Halloween without all the outthere kind of stuff!

There’s a couple more posts coming up on alternative Halloweens so keep your eyes peeled, let me know if you like the idea of a Glam one in the comments!

*post in collaboration with 31Dover, *indicates products gifted for review. Views and photos all mine as always!