Ad.PR Products. We finally got the finishing touches for our teal lounge makeover and I couldn’t be happier! So finally here’s the run down on all our teal lounge soft furnishings. I had major help and a consultation with my dear friend and interiors designer Kat Jackson and she is responsible for some of this amazingness! Go give her a follow on insta to make her day.

Heron design cushion with a teal cushion


You’ll have seen the cushions we had already got in the wall art post. But to summarise we’d gone for some gold velvet ones to tie in the dark gold vintage velvet chair. They also had teal fringed sides so were perfect. (£39 for two from We added teal velvet pleat detail cushions from George Home (£9 each). Then to finish off with the velvet ones, a Riva Home light teal smaller cushion with pineapple button detail from Linens Limited (£9.95). To add texture we kept our dark grey tufted ones also from George Home (£9 each). Then finally added some fluff! I went for a Dark Teal Mongolian Fur Cushion ( £45 )which is sheepskin for those who don’t know. Then a navy blue faux Mongolian cushion (£7 George Home-Bedding Section.)

sofa with cushions , wall art behind and throw on

I loved them all and the various textures but was still on the hunt for something a bit more patterned to lift it all too. So when Sara Miller London* got in touch asking if I had any projects that would suit their patterned bedroom or lounge soft furnishings collections I headed straight to their site to see if there were any cushions that might work. I’d seen their prints on John Lewis previously so hoped that there maybe something in the right colours scheme for the teal lounge!

heron cushion design
Heron design cushion with a teal cushion

Oh my and did they!? I’ve now added these two fabulous cushions* and I think they just finish off the space so well! The Teal Heron Feather Filled Cushion* (£50) went straight on my list. It looked to be the perfect teal and with accents of a lighter teal piping knew it would help bring in the smaller cushion colour and the design is just a beauty! I’ve tried it both amongst the cushions and on the gold vintage chair and I think I prefer it in the chair. Mainly because I see it more there and it makes me smile! Plus against the Ikea Billy Bookcases in the deep teal shade Valspar paint it just looks *chefs kiss*.

lemur cushion on the sofa
close up lemur cushion design

Just when I thought I couldn’t find another design as fab though i then encountered the Lemur design (£50)! When Luke and I first started dating we took a trip to Chester Zoo and saw the Lemurs. Me being me, Lemur is one of the words I say as its spelt (so le-mure (like demure) not lee-ma) and it became an in joke for years to come. Hence why we love a Lemur! This one is more a forest green background colour so I’ve added it to the sofa collection as i think it goes well as the leaves and some of the design have some teal parts to it. Which do you like the best?


close up of rug, with a tall set of drawers with vase on

Another major part of soft furnishings are the throws. I searched long and hard for one that was snuggly and toned in well. When i saw this Eska Dunelm throw (£45) i knew it was the one. It may not be a 100% match but i just adored it. Sometimes that’s all you need. Downside is that it says dry clean only and Herbie cat has taken a fancy to it…. Might have to get a spare I think! It does have matching cushions I later found out, but think that might be a little much now I have the patterned ones. The other throw on the chair is a dark grey tasselled blanket scarf which I thought looked good, and brought the grey sofa into the colours in this side of the room.


tray with decor on the coffee table with the rug in the background

Talking of Herbie Cat you can read here why I’m waiting to make home improvements to my flooring. So for that reason the carpet had to stay. We debated getting an outdoor rug on Kat’s suggestion but we couldn’t find an affordable one we loved. then whilst browsing the Ikea site we found it! A super large teal and green beauty. This is the VONSBAK rug and ranges from £40 to £99. It’s a real winner. When we started watching Interior Design Masters, we saw that a few of the designers used it so its a popular one. Episode one and two both had it featured and I’m sure it popped up later on too. so far its withstood Herbie too, but for the price if it gets ruined we can replace it once Herbie is replaced.(I joke I’ll be heartbroken as well as a tincey bit relieved.)


close up of the curtains and windowsill with plants on it

Then last but not least the Curtains. Kat suggested we have a curtain each side to make the room brighter and its worked so well. Plus its cheaper so we loved it. We had to replace the curtain poles for ones that were fixed (not expandable.) So they didn’t have the centre bracket which would make them not function anymore. Luckily we found a bargain at B&Q with the Elasa range. We had to do some mix and match but managed to get what we needed for under £20 for both.

Curtains wise we went with the original suggestion from Kat of the La Redoute single panel velvet curtains (£50 each). We got them in the sale so think it was around £35-£40 each. Quality wise they aren’t the best, they aren’t lined which we knew and were fine with. But they also have some pulls within the velvet. Considering it says they are premium quality when they arrive I would disagree. You don’t see any of this unless close and my second option (Dunelm Peacock reversible) was out of stock so we stuck with them. We went with the longest length a suggested. they give height to the room but also just look classy IMO.

That’s it! I didn’t expect it to go on this long but hopefully this has provided you with some inspo for a teal lounge. Or for just how to think about soft furnishings in your lounge! Let me know if you took any tips away.

*Indicates item provided as a PR product for consideration of review. As always, thoughts, words and photos are all my own!

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