Ad. This post is in collaboration with Tuffx Glass and their walk on glass floors. Today I’m talking about Home Improvements and what I really can’t wait to be able to do in our home. Since adopting Herbie Cat when he was 8, our floors have not been our own. Due to his cruel treatment in his earlier years, he was never litter trained. or, even really toilet trained at all. He’s a house cat through and through too as most Persian Cats are, so this caused us issues. He will not retrain no matter how hard we try and he’s too cute to not forgive him for his sins. So I can only dream of beautiful flooring not covered in puppy pads…. which I very much do!

Walk on Glass Floors

Now this one was a great shout and something that is a real dream! a walk on glass floor. Where a walk on glass floor can be a great feature in any room , I’m thinking our first floor landing would really benefit from one. Our three storey home doesn’t let in a lot of light in the top 2 stairwells and landing so we always have to keep doors open to try and help. Of course that doesn’t help with keeping heat in where we want it! So how fab would a walk on glass floor be there? Just where Poppy Cat (bless her) is poking her head through here. I think it would look so much better than the current carpet!

Our dark hallway with poppy cat (rip) where I’d want to have a walk on glass floor

Statement Tiling

Now we actually have some of this already on the ground floor. I talked about it on my 2017 Hallway Post .We went for those big tiles that look like multiple tiles that you now see in a lot of homes I find! They have faired really well though in our entrance area, and have made cleaning up after Herbie much easier! For high traffic areas I’d definitely consider a statement tile flooring again. Luke’s trying to persuade me to go with tiles in the bathroom but we will see!

Decorative tiled floor

Vinyl Flooring

Luckily the laminate we laid in the hallway shortly after that blog post, was free from a friend as it has not fared the test of time. I think when we do look to replace this, a vinyl like in our kitchen would be much better. That’s been laid 10 years now and still going strong. Again it would help with cleaning this high traffic area and it’s pretty cost effective too. We have this in our downstairs loo too which is where we keep the cats litter trays. Luckily Penelope knows how to use them!

Vinyl flooring in the kitchen. Penelope cat is sitting on the chair under the table

Patterned Carpet

I cannot WAIT to get rid of this beige carpet we have everywhere. I love the idea of striped statement carpets on the stairs, and maybe a subtle pattern in one of the smaller rooms too! I’m not talking the paisley designs of the 80s but something different from just plain beige or grey that every new build seems to have!

It may sound awful, as Herbie is so wonderful, but I do think when he goes over the rainbow bridge there will be a slight bit of happiness in that I can finally reclaim the floors in the house as my own! Which part should I do first though?

Also, don’t forget if you are thinking of changing your flooring, you might also need to change your skirting boards to fit. Often, the new flooring can be a different height so you don’t want to be left with gaps between the skirting boards and your new flooring. On the other hand, you might also need to change your skirting boards to go with the style of your new floor. 

+ Post in paid collaboration with the brand mentioned. As always thoughts and opinions are my own. For further details please refer to my PR and Disclaimer Page in the menu above

.+ Post in collaboration with with Tuffx Glass mentioned. As always thoughts and opinions are my own. For further details please refer to my PR and Disclaimer Page in the menu above