Ad. Contains PR Products and a Discount Code. When we started the journey of the living room change we knew what elements we wanted to keep. The sofa (only 2 years old and in fab condition), the Laura Ashley furniture and a vintage chair we got from my brother in law when they were going to throw it out! Everything else was going. Including my most cherished copper textured wall art that was hung above the sofa and on the adjacent wall.

large poster wall art above a sofa

We wanted to pare back the decor on this side due to the IKEA Billy Bookcases dominating the other side. It’s quite a large space overall, so I thought I might struggle to get some wall art big enough. Plus I really didn’t want a gallery wall there. I thought it would feel too busy so wanted one standout piece, which I was worried could be a nightmare to find, or very expensive!

image of the sofa with coffee table in the foreground and photowall wall art behind it

Choosing the Wall Art Design

I’d looked at some options, from more metal decor to searching for paintings and abstract art. Then Photowall* popped up in my inbox and I knew it was a sign! We got our ‘Botany Bay’ bedroom wallpaper from them as a pr product two years ago and I’ve not stopped loving it yet! The quality is amazing. So when they said they were looking to work together again I figured it couldn’t hurt to look. I went on-site and decided posters were my better option as they came in very large sizes which is what I needed. I then just filtered by blues and greens and started scrolling. As I didn’t really have much in mind for the space I figured that was the best way to do it! I took screenshots of any I liked as I went but when I came across this poster design* I knew it was the one! Luckily the husband loved it too and I didn’t hesitate to order it in the biggest size. As this is a landscape design it’s 150cm x 100cm and I think it really suits the space don’t you?

styled sofa with cushions and the wall art

Hanging the Wall Art

I gasped when I opened the poster as it’s perfect. I love how it looks like an abstract painting but actually, it’s an aerial view of a Salt Lake*. The water is on the bottom of the image of that’s helps! The colours really bring in the teals, greens and greys in the room. It was like it was made for the space. You can also choose to have the poster come as is or, with the hanger we have. It only comes in this ‘smoked ash’ effect but luckily that’s what we wanted! To give an idea of the price this with the hanger is £92 and without the hanger is £63. Considering I bought the same style hanger but much smaller from H&M for £19, £29 is a pretty decent price I think considering this one is 1.5m wide! It worth saying if you’re more into framed prints* this comes up to a 100×70 size in that style. It also comes in a canvas of 150x 110 too. Both of those options are more expensive as you’d expect and to be honest, I prefer how the poster wall art looks!

decor on top of a coffee table and the sofa and art in the background

Photowall* have also given me a discount code so you can get your own print for cheaper anyways – if you enter lucyearnshaw25 at the checkout you’ll get 25% off any order! Let me know if you treat yourself won’t you!? Its valid until the 5th June 2021 so you’ve got time to decide too!

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