Following on from my most popular post a guide to Gucci Belt Sizing for Mid and Plus Size Bodies. I’ve now bought a Dior belt that fits my plus size body so thought it would give you my tips and tricks for buying a plus size Dior belt!

Now that I own two plus size Gucci Belts I wanted a different designer belt to add to my collection. Even though most of this year has involved staying in, when I do go out I still pop a belt on, even to the supermarket, so its a wise investment still for me. So I ended up browsing to see if I could get a plus size Dior belt.

belt and packaging

Know What Belt You Want

I’d been looking at Dior belts for a while and there were a few I liked. I’d been eyeing up the Diorquake Belt in the Oblique Jacquard Print as I love the Oblique print as it’s just a classic. However I’m not a fan of just the D buckle. I prefer the buckles on the Saddle Belts and the 30 Montaigne Belt here. I also thought that a plain colour would be more practical than a pattern as would go with more things. When the price of the belt is upwards of £400 you need to maximise the opportunities to wear it.

As I don’t have a certified authentic Gucci black one, I’d started to look at the black belts and soon realised their max size is around the 90 to 95cm mark. They don’t have a size filter on site either so I trawled through them all to check. Some show up to 110cm but are all showing a cross through and aren’t available in boutiques. My guessing is that the size filter has been left on in those sizes and they simply don’t make them. I had lost hope until….

Look in the Men’s Section

I dug deeper and went to look at the Mens’ section to understand designs and sizes they offer. I found an Oblique pattern one but the belt buckle screams men’s fashion! Its much more of a trouser belt and not a fashion one. However they do go up to 120cm just like the Gucci belts do which was a plus point! I then looked into it more and discovered the perfect belt for me….

Customisable Belt Options

You can customise your own belt! They have all different design belt straps, they are reversible and you can change the buckle to what you want too! So I chose my gold CD logo buckle that I wanted and got my Reversible Oblique Belt Strap which is reversible to plain black. The strap is £260 and the buckle is £155. Making it £415 in total. Overall I think this styling looks less suit belt and gives off a more feminine vibe. Size wise its the same as the plus size Gucci belts sizing and goes up to 120cm. I would say as the buckle sits within the belt you lose a few cm’s that you get with the Gucci though. I ended up with the 110cm one and it fits just right.

close up of the dior plus size belt with a cardigan

The only downside to getting this belt was the buying process. The strap sold out in my size the day I went to purchase it so decided to buy the buckle in brass before it sold out too. Except it failed to take payment (tried credit card, PayPal the lot.) Then when the Dior SA tried to do it it also failed on them. This meant the only option was to bank transfer it. But its a French bank so I had to IBAN it and it cost me an extra £4.

The 105cm belt came back into stock the day later. It arrived before the buckle but was too small (it ‘just fit’. ) Then the 110 came back into stock. they ended up arriving on the same day. Bonus to all this was it was just in time for the Christmas packaging and I got two boxes, with the one the buckle came in being the Christmas design.


So I had to return the 105 belt strap. It was easy to process online and print the packing slip and then UPS came and picked it up the next day. It arrived back to Dior within the week and the refund came soon later.

I managed to squeeze in some wear pre lockdown and I can’t wait until we can go places again I can wear it! Hopefully this has been of use to you if you’ve been looking for a Dior plus size belt.

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