Well, believe it or not, this is one of the most asked questions I get over on Instagram. What’s Gucci Belt sizing like for plus size bodies? Is there a Gucci Belt size that will work for me? And rightly so, buying investment pieces is a big thing though, isn’t it? I mean, if you’d told me a few years back that I’d have spent £320 on a belt I would have laughed in your face! I also didn’t think they would be that accessible for a plus-size person. Much like designer clothes so hadn’t even explored an option of buying one until I looked into it more and saw I could get one to fit me.

pink gucci belt with a cream top and leaf print skirt

I’ve always liked a designer accessory here and there, and have to say I’ve always ended up with popular things. I’m talking Burberry bags, Tiffany & Co heart chains and Michael Kors Watches to name a few. I always aim for accessories though as I can be quite fickle when it comes to what I like to wear. So at least an accessory can be worn with most things and so the cost of wear is much better. Plus when it comes to resale it’s much easier when it’s not a size restricted outfit I find.

lucy on a blue bardot dress with pink gucci belt

Owning a one had been on my mind for a while. I’d had the chance to trial run a black belt (Seen in this post. Full disclosure – it’s authenticity is questionable.) This helped me realise I would wear one enough to invest in one.

Choosing the Colour, Style and Size

lucy in a green bardot top, jeans and pink gucci belt

So then it came to working out the difficult Gucci Belt sizing, as they are all in numbers which I found out are in cm lengths, going up in 5cm increments. The maximum they come in is 120 (or 46 inches which is what they put at the back of the belt and is a rough conversion.) Out of the 92 women’s belts online, 24 are currently available to buy or order in that size. So it can be restrictive when it comes to choosing one you like.

Luckily I loved the Dusty Pink Gucci Belt (£320) (more taupe) so I pre-ordered and waited. It was dispatched 3 MONTHS later. Yes, I waited that long. (I won’t go into the full tale but they were making it in Italy apparently!) Then it was too big! Turns out my original was actually 105 so much smaller. I should have measured an existing belt to try and get an idea of sizing. It’s what I would recommend doing for those of you taking the plunge to order. So I ordered the 115 to try which was luckily in stock and arrived in 3 days. Much preferred! It was a much better size for me as I can wear it on my waist that bit tighter. I’m a size 18/20/22 to give some idea on if this would work for you.

pink gucci belt with pink spotted dress

Getting a Second Colour

I then decided to order the White Gucci Belt (£320) (more cream) when some savings matured. I waited until it said it was in stock this time as I didn’t want to pre-order and wait longer than it said. (Usually just shows the month it’s due which can lapse as before). It went from being delivered within the month, the 1-2 weeks to available in just 3 days which was good as it meant I could order it in time for my Barcelona holiday. I ordered the 110 in this colour to give me more room on my waist. As my other is now on the smallest hole and can be a little bit too big.

Gucci Belt White GG logo against a check dress and straw bag

It just fits my jeans but its a squeeze for me unless they are high waisted ones. I found I mainly wear these with dresses though so wanted one that fit better there, than on jeans. If you’re the opposite then size up one for more comfort there.

stripey dress and white belt

Top Tips!

So, in short, the few tips to finding a Gucci Belt for you are:

  • Measure an existing belt you own to determine your size in Gucci Belt sizing
  • Decide where you will wear it most if it will mainly be at the waist then buy for that size
  • Get the colour you will wear the most so you can wear it lots
  • Be prepared for a wait!
lucy ina cream knit top and snake skirt with white gucci belt

Finally, just make sure you wear it! In reality, they probably have another couple of years in fashion so get it worn. Don’t save it for best!