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March brings Mother’s Day AND my mum’s birthday. Meaning getting ideas for gifts for my mum is always a struggle! For a woman who wants for nothing like her, it’s hard yards! She doesn’t have an accessories obsession like me (or really into fashion etc.)  So I usually end up getting her some sort of experience we can do together, alongside the usual flowers and a card of course! 

When things do re-open here in the UK she said she still will be cautious going out. So I didn’t want to get her a pressie she wouldn’t get enjoyment out of now, and I had to think a little deeper! Then Boots UK asked if I’d like to collaborate on sharing how I’ll be celebrating my mum this year. Plus pick some bits up from their site and share my Mother’s Day gift ideas too. Safe to say, it lead me down what I think is the perfect path! I’ve gone for a two-stage approach but the overarching theme for my Mother’s Day Gift ideas are all based around pamper time! 

flatlay of Boots uk goodies mentioned in the post

Setting the Scene

So as we’ll often be at a spa soaking up the chill vibes, chatting and attempting to relax I figured we could do that at home via good old video chat! First, we need to set the scene though as I’ll need her bedroom to feel spa-like. As she’s not super techy I’ll be playing the spa music on my side as a starter. She will also light a candle on her side that is part of her gift. This will get the room smelling like relaxation! She’s always got a library book on the go, so I’ll make sure she has that to hand once we’ve finished so she can continue to chill after we’ve finished too!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas- Facial at Home 

Gua Sha Facial

To kick us off for the facial I chose the first gift to be the Botanics Rose Quartz Gua Sha tool (£15). It luckily has instructions on how to use it on the back of the box. I’ve also done some Google searching on what order to do it in as that’s important too. It’s recommended to be used with a Botanics Facial Oil so I picked up the second gift of the Botanics All Bright Facial Oil (£8.99). I liked how this one contains mandarin essential oil to help with feeling energised!

I chose this particular facial as after learning more about lymphatic facial massage, this was next on my list. It’s said to also help inflammation which could be good for my mum’s arthritis. It’s also said to help release tension and help to get the skin glowing! Either way though, the feeling of cold rose quartz on the oil and skin is a feeling I want my mum to have! 

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas -Manicure at Home 

Hand Massage

Next up I wanted to give her a treat for her hands! Mums a keen gardener so her hands are always in good need of a pamper. I recently rediscovered hand scrubs after doing some DIY myself (shock) and needing to exfoliate them. Let me tell you the feeling of using one and focussing on giving the hands a fab massage should not be underestimated! So for this, I picked up the next gift of No7 Revitalising Hand Polish (£7.20). Once she’s massaged that in and rinsed it off it’s then time for more oil for a massage.

I was umming and ahhing over a few body oils and couldn’t decide upon any. Then remembered the Rituals Ritual of Jing Massage Candle (£23.50) and knew it was perfect! To make this work you light the candle for 15 to 20 minutes. (Which is why I said I’ll get her to light it at the start.) Then there’s enough oil for you to blow it out and use it around 2 minutes after that. It won’t be hot but will be warm massage oil to use. Simply pour it out from the spout in the candle to use it. I think it’s perfect and something that will really help in the future to light and give a quick relaxing hand massage before bed to aid sleep. 

To complete the moisture focus I’ve treated her to my fave of all faves of Handcream from Laura Mercier. I got the hand cream quartet of mini’s (£18.66) and I think I’ll be a bit selfish here and split it up for me and mum! I mean I need the Ambre Vanille one right!? These are a fab price at the moment too with a third off and a lovely treat for hands at any time.

Perfume Gift Sets and Polish

Then to finish I’ve got her this Ghost Eau De Toilette gift set which comes with nude nail polish as well as a hair slide. (Which I’ve got my eye on!) Plus a full-size spray and handbag size one too. So she can spritz away and paint her nails to finish the hand pamper/manicure. My theory is when she sprays the perfume on it will remind her of the lovely afternoon we spent.

I also chose this La Librarie Gift Set as I had to feature it as its so bargainous. At under £10 for 100ml of eau de toilette plus a lilac purse I think it’s a great gift for a younger child to get their mum, or as just a general gift for anyone! This is an exclusive to Boots Women’s Perfume Brand and I have to say on first impressions I’m impressed! The full-size eau de toilette on its own is £25 so this set at £8.57 really is a bargain! It’s quite a sweet, light and powdery scent. (Don’t let Oud in the name confuse you!) Which is another that would be great for daily wear. I like it so much that I heard Herbie mutter he would be giving it to me for Meowmie’s Day! Lols but yeah, its mine now!! Sorry, mum.

all items mentioned in the post in a flat lay

I think the above will be enough of a treat though and I’m super excited for the day and to have a good ole pamper myself too. What do you think of these ideas as Mother’s Day gift ideas? Let me know in the comments below and follow me on Instagram to see how we get on, on the day!

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