If you think I’ve suddenly turned street on you then fear not I’ve actually always been this way! It is always interesting to see people’s reactions when I talk about what kind of music I’m into which I feel heavily influences me and some of the words I use and understand. I’m teaching the young ones what things mean half the time! More recently as artists I’ve loved have started to be on the rise it’s been less apparent as a wider mix of people like them now, but I also hate it when people think I’m just another person the bandwagon liking things now they’re popular. My colleagues even wind me up now saying they liked Stormzy before me and what not! I always loved R&B and it started to move into hip hop, garage and then grime as they started to grow- I chose my uni as I wanted to go somewhere they would play my music on a night out- until that point nights out were filled with cheesy house and the Venga Boys- no wonder I wanted to get out ! If you watch my insta stories you’ll probably have seen what artists I love with Shakka, Kano and Wretch 32 being my biggest faves.

Anyways when thinking about what to write about the newest bar to Leeds, Neighbourhood, I just had to use the lyrics from Ray Blk’s neighbourhood for the title which set this ramble off. I nipped there to try out their express lunch menu and check out the fabulous decor which I was wowed by!

Needless to say it’s not a place for the kids, and a little of it was a bit try hard, my friends weren’t impressed by a neon sign saying ‘Bitch’ above the ladies loo’s as an example. The rest of the decor is suitably impactful though , monochrome floors, shiny tiles, foliage walls, neon and red glossy ceilings all make for that wow impact when you step in.

Food wise it’s good. For the Express lunch you get to choose two sharers or a sushi roll and a soft drink for £10. We shared ours but I’m not sure if I’d have felt super full just having what I chose. I had the Popcorn Prawns which were my fave of the day, and they were as good as my fave popcorn seafood from East 59th and I would return for them. The second dish I chose was Chorizo Croquettes. The Croquettes were lovely but came on a bed of diced Chorizo and tomato, they didn’t have Chorizo in them and the amount wasn’t enough to give it that Chorizo kick I was expecting (and I don’t like spicy food but I even found them a little bland). The tostadas were nice but just not very filing if I’d paid £7 for them (which is the price on the main menu) I’d have been very disappointed. The last dish I’m unsure what they were (sorry bad blogger!) we were worried the chicken was pink but soon realised it was the reflection of the red ceiling that was making everything white turn a shade of red or pink! It tasted nice but again wasn’t overly flavoursome.

So the food was good but it’s made up by the amazing decor and cocktails. We had some mocktails that were truly delicious and I have to go back to try more alcoholic versions. They brought this potent tequila based one out for us to see, it comes with cards at the base- of you draw the ace you get a free shot! And there’s dice in the ice, I love quirky things like that and I feel this is where they excel. My mocktail was amazingly sweet and right up my street, the lips were pink chocolate! Winner. The other one was a lovely refreshing drink that usually comes with prosecco and I truly believe I could drink those all night!

After ten the vibe changes on a weekend I’m told with dancing on the bar and cocktails being the main focus- deffo my kind of scene don’t you think!?