What’s in my Handbag ?!?

#AccessAllASOS have asked the question ‘what’s in your handbag?’ for today’s #TonightIs In the Bag.. So here goes!

The brief was to use the imagination to show of the bag contents, so here they are spelling out the word BAG , clever huh?!
I also shot a little video on Instagram
Of them all magically appearing!
So what do I have to carry around everyday?:
1. The Bag: My newest treat is this gorgeous Mulberry Lily tassel bag in Black Forest ! I’ve got an unwrapping link to post soon on this too, but was a YOLO purchase (yes I am using that word sarcastically, don’t worry!)
2.Purse: my Mulberry plaster pink purse- I must swap this to my vintage tan one but haven’t had chance so rose gold and pink it is!
3. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour lip protectant now my go-to for soft lips: read about it here.
4. Strepsils- I always have to have these around, but I actually have a sore throat atm (queue sympathy please!)
5. iPhone 5s in my personalised case. I love this photo so much I had it made into my phone case!
6. La Prairie Eye Gel sample (Full Size Here (£61.20 )) I’ve been carrying this to help soothe my eyes and it has worked- unsure if I’d buy the full size version though!
7. Nail File – pink, holographic need I say more?!
8. River Island Iridescent Curb Chain Necklace. I often end up carrying jewellery around with me to switch my outfit up a bit! I love this curb chain and have been carrying it for a week since I last wore it!
9. Seche Signature Nail Varnish- I’d had this in my bag to touch up my mani through the week

So that’s it! I like to travel light where I can so just pack what if class as essentials in my bag!
What’s in your bag? #ASOSInsiders please share your links below!