It’s safe to say I’ve been a busy bee this month and last, but it was hard not to be when there’s so much happening in Leeds right now! Shopping there is even more fabulous now with Victoria Gate just opening and there’s lots of new restaurants opening, or redesigning their menus to offer the best of the best. So it was only right that The Body Shop decided to remodel their Leeds store to become their flagship new concept store. 

In celebration of this they held a fabulous event at Lambert’s Yard to let allll the Leeds bloggers in on the action. We got makeovers, skin consulatations and to see some of the new Christmas gifts. Excitement was high! Then we discovered the photo booth. Enough said there then- We were very happy! I got chatting to some newer faces to the Leeds scene and it was really nice to get the opportunity to chat to people whilst at an event. There was some of my faves there too which was of course lovely too. In true event style there was a competition and in true my style I won it!! Now I know I do win a LOT of things but I’m not that lucky honest! However I came away with first prize as the team loved my ingenious way of showing my fave product of theirs – good old Pablo the Panda had a grip just right to hold a Matte lipstick! My fave wasn’t the red but of course it was only right to give him the red one as it’s the only shade to wear with a monochrome outfit right??? 

So what did I win!? Well, skip forward to the stores opening day where I got to take along some lovely people (Luke, and Kellie and Faith) to come experience the new VIP room in the store with me. We were the first to experience a treatment and one of the first people to take a look! I got really excited when I saw them post a photo of the room the day before so I knew the decor was already to die for from her Instagram. And that it was- if I could have stolen the grey sofa I would have, it was so comfy! 

We were treated to fizz, facials by the lovely Kimmy and makeup (except Luke!) by Armarni. Both ladies were lovely and we had Olivia who runs the social to hand to help out too! And we had such fun. The store was manic- they had dancers outside, great offers on and everyone in Leeds seemed to want to come and have a look but the VIP room was a sea of tranquility! Tucked at the back of the shop (accessibly it’s worth noting) was the beautiful room. Everything had been thought out, and it had the most beautiful curtain and wallpaper which made for fab photos- I might just try and sneak in on the regular for OOTD photos. They’d already had enquiries for hen parties and things in there and once I have a price list I’ll be sure to update the post on how much things cost. But for example if a natural make up look was ¬£25, that would then be redeemable on products so it’s quite a nice experience to have and worth it if you’re planning on stocking up on anything too, as it’s essentially free then isn’t it!?

I also got ¬£100 to spend in the store which was a bit supermarket sweep- esq, unfortunately there were no blowup bananas for extra points but they would have suited the Jungle Bells theme that The Body Shop have this Christmas. I did manage to pick up loads of things though and also treated the ladies to the lipstick they’d used in their make up looks too. The new liquid lipsticks are fabulous and pretty long lasting so it had to be done! I’ll be sure to do a post on some of the things I got soon too, my fave thing about the store decor and design is the body butter wall and the fact that you can personalise your own butter- at Olivia’s suggestion I went for Lucy Loves but you can have anything on the bottom row (well, as long as it’s clean- so Lucinda’s suggestion of ‘Willies’ at the event was a no go haha!)Such a fab stocking filler for Christmas I went for the new spiced apple fragrance which is just amazing. It’s more cinnamon-y than last years apple fragrance which was a lot sweeter. 

Overall though the store does look fab, I do hope the concept is a successful one as I’d love to see it rolled out in other larger stores too. Let me know what you think if you’ve visited! If not check out the #WildAboutLeeds tag as there’s lots of photos to have a better look inside the store too!