Did you see my little London sojourn on Instagram on Wednesday?! It was super exciting for me as I rarely venture down to the big smoke and I don’t know why as I really enjoyed it! Well, I do know as my train was delayed, tubes were shut and my 3G wouldn’t work to show me where to walk to my destination buuuut I managed and was only a little late! 
Coming back was a breeze thankfully so swings and roundabouts and all that! 

So why did I bother going through that I hear you thinking?! Well firstly I was super intrigued to see what Very* have up their sleeve for spring summer 17- the spoiler is I wasn’t disappointed! It was also being held at the Violin Factory- more on that, there was a balloon room- AMAZING- and celeb chef Adam Rawson was cooking up our amazing dinner. 

Now back to the Violin Factory, if you’re a fan of Grand Designs you’ll probably remember this place, it was one episode that I’ve watched more than once, and on revisited I think (it aired 13 years ago!) and I google searched the place afterwards to see what happened to it. Well now I’ve been! It was the one that was basically a garage door that then lead into a narrow space between old factories, itself obviously being an old Violin Factory. Amazing. Very had dressed the rooms of the Violin Factory with their two new trends for SS17:

Stockholm: think Scandinavia style with light greys, washed duck egg and whites with bursts of brighter blues and citrus yellows and greens. 

Modern Traveller: think global influences with rustic woods and leathers accessorised with Aztec and ethnic patterns with oranges, coppers and splashes of turquoise for that eclectic feel.

The latter was my fave, purely derived from my love of copper and that mix and match kind of trinket/souvenir kind of accessorising. The copper bed frame was just pure bed goals (will be £499 for the double) and I think it could be dressed with this trend or a more romantic style with whites and creams if that was more your thing. The bedding featured also got a lot on Instagram love and this will start from £25- watch out as I’m sure this will be pretty popular! 

This colour pop cushion was another fave, this would fit so well into my lounge, as I’ve been trying to find a nice plain textured copper cushion since we redecorated and at £15 each I’ll take two! And finally those hexagon mirrors were my fave of the day. At £69 for a set of three I did think that was pretty reasonable and again I’m thinking where in my lounge I could fit them in! 

That’s not to say I didn’t like the Stockholm trend, I think because I don’t have a room in this kind of colour scheme I didn’t latch into it as much, I mean I’m not one for uncluttered living am I!? The bedspread and lamp in the bedroom was gorgeous though with another geo print making it look fresh and modern. 

My fave piece of this trend was the balloon dog- I love ballon dogs- as you’ll have seen from one of my newer Christmas Tree additions, and this ornament also comes in white and it’s on site now but out of stock- I’m hoping it comes back soon as I just neeed it. At £15 I thought it was a really reasonable price too. 

I also adored this eucalyptus adorned dining table, and the blue glass ware Just gave the lighter tones that pop of subtle colour and it works so well together! Shout out to Sarah who was super lovely and had dressed all of the rooms for the occasion- super talented! 

After all the browsing it was time for dinner cooked by Adam Rawson which was all just superb, from cheese aged for a year in black pepper and garlic used to top stewed leeks, slow cooked eggs and black truffle as just the starter you know it was all good! We had crab and then out main was Galician Steak (my new fave from Blackhouse!) and fonallythe most rich chocolate fondant covered in what looked like custard but wasn’t and crispy honeycomb it was the best dessert I’ve had in a long time! 

Oh and I nearly forgot the Balloon Room! Here I am looking Very Pink (pun wasn’t intended but when I wrote it I had to keep it!). How much fun could you have in here !? I didn’t have much as I soon had to dash off at the stroke of 9, so I didn’t miss my train back! I had such a fab time and it’s definitely got me wanting spring summer to come along quickly!!
*Thanks to Lee Publicity and Very for the invite to the Press Dinner and for showing me around the beautiful house! As always opinions, thoughts and photos are my own. Unfortunately the house featured isn’t!