Masked Ball Maxi 

So I know you’ve been waiting to see the outfit from Friday nights adventure at The Light, Leeds, and I am going to disappoint as I didn’t wear THE blue dress!! I managed to borrow the most beautiful black lace glitter, lace overlay feathered mask and I just couldn’t wear the black mask with a blue dress. Especially when I had this maxi dress waiting to be worn again after the Evans I Am Me Awards. Now it gets worse, I also didn’t wear the pink sandals! The dream shoes that they are, they were too high for this maxi, so my trusty mid heel ASOS pom pom flats came to the rescue! I was quite glad of it as we were lead into the first part of the evening through straw and faux snow underfoot to have our first cocktail at the new Starks Tavern pop up in The Light, as cool as a Game of Thrones  themed bar sounds, it was a bit strange to be there in all our finery on a wooden bench! I’d say it’s worth checking out as an alternative to the Christmas markets though as it’s a similar vibe but a bit warmer! 

Photos from the official photographer.

Soon after having our first cocktail we were lead outside to find out where the surprise location was (which was the Radisson Blu) where we got to listen to a keyboard player who actually played a version of No Scrubs which I quite enjoyed! Needless to say my mask didn’t last long and it was removed quickly for our dinner which only seemed to get photos of the starter! Oops! 

 After we ate ourselves silly we did a little photo shoot before home, I loved the Christmas lights in The Light they look so pretty! Of course as well as my beautiful Little Mistress Curve Dress I also wore my new Joanna Hope cape. I got it from a blog sale recently and I love it! The fur is so thick and it just feels super glam! It’s a one size fits all jobby as well, and it’s so snugly. 

It was fab to hang out with Lucinda and was a nice way to spend a Friday evening, I love any excuse to get dressed up! There’s more to come in the new year from the Secret Supper Club too so watch this space!