So I said in this post that I was doing something a little special with Bon Prix and here it is! This fabulous blogger looks book of some amazing Leeds/Manchester bloggers all in snuggly coats and boots! It was the same day we were travelling to Newcastle so I was on the first shoot with one of my fave Rach and another blogger Anne Marie who was super lovely! Now we got to see some sights in Roundhay Park I’ll tell you! There was a park run at 9am – rather then than me- there were kids doing it and people with push chairs- I salute you! We also saw about three boot camps all with different levels of scary but needless to say we could hear the barked orders from miles away. 

Luckily our lovely photographer Matt didn’t adopt the same approach and was super lovely with directing us ever so slightly and keeping us on track. I got to wear two outfits for the shoot. 

This gorgeous black furry lined jacket, with gorgeous hat and black boots (that had a thin heel and did NOT love the grass – but would be great for work) and this black and white checked coat and red boots with a chunky block heel. Now it was a little chilly but we kept moving and managed not to catch too much of a chill. The life of a model eh?! 

And then we were treated to lovely Afternoon (mid morning) Tea at the Mansion House in Roundhay. And it was goooood. It was a lovely spread haha with a great selection of sandwiches and desserts- i would highly recommend Aa it is hard to find a nice generous afternoon tea nowadays I find. 

I may/may not have dreamed about it afterwards! Anyways without further a do here’s the link to the finished product let me know what you think!