Controversial opinion alert- I’ve never liked Wagamama’s. My dislike was fairly unfounded as I’d never actually been until a couple of weeks ago as Lucinda’s date for the evening. I just found it to be over hyped. At uni Wagamama’s came to town about a year in and everyone wet themselves over it. As a struggling student at the time I wouldn’t spend a tenner on noodles when that could go toward my next pair of Kate Moss Inspired tailored shorts from Topshop, priorities right!?

When I moved back up north it just wasn’t in my face as much but I’ve slowly acknowledged new ones opening in my fave shopping spots. Most recently the one in the White Rose Shopping centre in Leeds.I wasn’t going to turn down a date with Lucinda (we ended up having three in succession that week!) and I decided to go to see if the hype was founded or, if I had been stubbornly missing out on something amazing for the last 15 years of my life.

We’d been invited to try out their new Vegan menu, having a friend recently go vegan and seeing his struggles on a recent weekend away I was intrigued to see the offering and I must say I was very impressed with the specific menu for vegans and vegetarians that they’ve pulled together. For vegans there were 6 starters, 6 mains and 2 dessert which was fab! We had Lizi as a third wheel for the evening and we managed to try most of all the dishes which I’m so happy about!

I enjoyed all the starters we had, the wok fried greens were my absolute fave though and I would go back for them as they were super tasty,

Lucinda even got a go in the kitchen! I must say this was a bit too hot for my tastebuds so it wasn’t my fave!

I learnt I’m not a fan of soup based dishes and things with lemongrass in (which I knew already) but the Yasai Pad Thai we had was sooooo nice. I would actually go and order this again or the Yasai Yaki Soba which I also enjoyed.

Lizi’s faves were the Yasai Samla Curry and the Yasai Itame , which Lucinda also loved too. It was nice to see we all had our faves from the menu.

So I must say I did enjoy myself, company was fab, hospitality was amazing the waiter was vegan and so was our expert for the evening! And the food was pretty darn good to be honest, I just might be converted! If you’ve got a fave dish from there pop it below so I can go try out more things!