Seeking the Snow of Christmas Movies

Ive been seriously wanderlusting again – what’s new I hear you cry – I know! But there is a twist, I’ve been craving snow. Not my usual sunny, warmer climes. Nope, minus temperatures, snuggly fires and lots of the white stuff outside! It *MAY* have something to do with all the cheesy made for TV Christmas movies I’ve been watching recently. My fave recently was Angels in the Snow – seriously go watch it, I actually cried. It’s all set in a massive log cabin somewhere in America with tons of snow so essentially these movies have everything to do with why I want to get away to the snow!! So I decided to put my daydreams to paper and round up some of the best places in the US and Canada to live out my B Grade Christmas Movie Dreams.

A Christmas to Remember

The main character tries to get away from city life and goes and stays in her bosses lodge in Aspen, Colorado. On her way she crashes, gets amnesia and is taken in by some random passer by (of course!). Looking for a similar kind of lodge experience I came across these cabins in Breckenridge which are just utter snow lodge goals. When I think America and snow I instantly think of Colorado and the collection of cabins show why! The Three Sisters Lookout looks pretty much like the house from Angels in the Snow (coming up below!)

However it turns out it was actually filmed in Vancouver and Whistler so desperate to find somewhere cute in British Columbia I found this super cute Cob Cottage on Air B&B and I am living for it! There’s no snow in the photos though but I’m sure it would come through and imagine how fab it would look then!? Alllll the instagram shots!! I love how cosy it looks too, a bit different to the larger lodges previous but perfect for a couples getaway!

Angels in the Snow

A family go to a lodge for Christmas that their architect Dad has built. It’s amazing and huge but they aren’t so thrilled by it (slightly ungrateful if you ask me), but it turns out they wanted a more intimate Christmas and their dads attention which they don’t have as he’s always on the damn phone. Cue a massive snow storm and then a family turns up at their door having been stranded on the snow and teaches them how families should be. Be prepared for tears. I think this was the film that solidified my want for snow, and it was filmed in a place called Maple Ridge in British Columbia, it was so snowy in the film but I was a little disappointed when I searched for places to stay and they didn’t look quite as idyllic . So won’t be living out my snow angel dreams there that’s for sure.

Love You Like Christmas

In this one a high powered career woman ends up breaking down in a town called Christmas Valley. I mean she chose to drive a Vintage Car hundreds of miles across the country (she hated flying) for a wedding, of COURSE it was going to break down! Cue the singing mechanic actually being better at singing than parts ordering and giving her a few more days in the land of Christmas with a guy she’s bumped into more than once. I bet you can guess where the film goes from there. Now needless to say I couldn’t find anything there but did find out it was filmed in Ohio: So after searching snow Ohio I came across Hocking Hills National Park which looks so beautiful in the Snow, and where there’s an annual winter hike which sounds fun, although I think I’d prefer to be sat infront if the fire in one of the cabins there.

Miss Christmas

Miss Christmas lives in the city and is in charge of finding the cities Christmas tree every year. Rather than using social media to do this she asks people to write letters to her and send in photos of tress she can use. She’s getting desperate and then comes across the perfect tree, in Klaus, Wisconsin. So she takes the trip to scope it out and the film goes from there.

Of course this place is fictional too (sensing a theme) it was filmed in a few places with its high street shots being in a place called Ladner Village. When I was looking that place up its used quite a bit for the typical quaint Christmas Village shots and also appears in other Hallmark Movies like 12 Days, Finding Santa and Christmas for Joy. In these type of films the star usually ends up in a boarding house/b&b type situation whilst doing whatever they went to do there (whilst falling in love of course). So I found this amazing Art Deco B&B that would look perfect in one of these movies! It even has the prettiest porch, and if you go anytime and it isn’t snowing you might actually see a festive film in action and get some fake snow fake snow anyways!

I’ve even got Luke wanting to go visit somewhere snowy now, however funds means it will remain a daydream for now! I think I’ll have to hope for a white Christmas and keep watching these TV movies to keep my mind occupied away from going places! Send me your recommendations for your favourite cheesy Christmas film below won’t you!?

*post in collaboration with Luxury Retreats. As always words, and thoughts my own! Photos from Luxury Retreats or the Hallmark Channel Website.