Trying Thai Food in Leeds

Hands up who loves Thai food !? I’m quite ashamed to say I never really tried it until there was some masaman curry at an event and from there on in it was love. I still rarely get myself down to a Thai Restaurant though and it’s mainly due to the fact that I’m not a fan of spicy food and so I’m always hesitant! But after finally trying out Sukhothai’s Thai food delights last week I am now seriously regretting that decision!

I was invited down as their menu has been revamped for the first time in 15 years! And as they say a lot has changed in cuisine, especially Thai food, in 15 years. More people have started to visit Thailand so our tastes have become more diverse and there’s a requirement for authentic flavours and styles based on those factors. Needless to say I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and get my Thai food fix, and the decor already got me excited! Those lights are fab!

Of course for mains I went for the masaman curry, of which you can choose your meat to be within its creamy depths. However the newest masaman addition strays away from the usual meat chunks and instead features a lamb shank. When I say the meat slid off the bone I’m not exaggerating and it was truly amazing- and the best masaman I’ve tried! It’s clear they don’t play at cooking meat to perfection either as I also tried the Weeping Tiger steak which was soft, tender and juicy just how I’d expect it to be.

Starters were also lush, Elle’s mussels (Hoy Kiew Wan) looked and smelled amazing, and my pork skewers (Moo Yang) were deliciously marinaded with the sesame seeds just finishing them off nicely! Basically the food was goooood. I also appreciated that their menu had the lovely universal chilli symbols on it which helped me decide which dishes I’d actually enjoy eating rather than spending my time blowing my nose due to the spicy flavour!

I’ll be going back as all the staff were so lovely too, with most being linked to the family who started it in the first place, you’ve got to love supporting that kind of business haven’t you!? I’m also keeping my eyes peeled on PG Promotions for deals as they recently teamed up with Sukhothai to offer a £15 two course offer. Thanks to them for the invite to this fabulous evening too!

*Invited as a guest to this evening, as always words and thoughts are my own!