My Bedroom Makeover Part Three – Soft Furnishings

And here we are the final part in the series of my bedroom makeover. I’m talking blankets, bedding and cushions which really finish the look!

We bought some cheap plain white bedding to try out how it looked, which featured in my first post on my bedroom transformation,  but since then have been looking at self stripe (jacquard) white bedding aka the blogging dream. The perfect back drop of a breakfast in bed of avo on toast am I right? When looking to get that ‘I feel like I’m a hotel but I’m in my own bed thank god’ kind of feeling, quality is key. Fabric is the first part of quality, don’t be allowing any polyester into this equation if you can help it. 100% cotton means less sweaty nights, a fresher feel but does mean a little more crease. Some things are worth the compromise and for that fabulous feeling some creases can be more than acceptable! Secondary to that is thread count in short the higher the softer, however it’s not always true thanks to some manufacturers adding more threads woven a different way to get the numbers up! (I’m talking 800+ count sheets!). But going for a 200 minimum is a good way to ensure you’re getting that softer feel.

In my hunt I found this beauty at Christy*. The Enigma set * has got a more geometric jacquard print to it and I love how it’s not a traditional hotel stripe, I think it fits really well in the overall bedroom.  It’s finished with a small satin ribbon around the edges and it’s just so classy. Christy are an English, Northern company and for me are one of the big quality names when it comes to bed and bath. Speaking to my mum about them she reminisced on how my Nan always used to have their towels and she even still has one so that’s probably older than me! (And at least 20 years strong!) so when the team sent me this bed set of dreams I was over the moon! My bed is massive in case you can’t tell, so this set in Super King costs £140. Prices start at £100 for the single. It’s a 300 count cotton sateen on top and a 200 count cotton percale on the underside. As sateen can wear a little more than some other weaves it’s good that it has the better wearing percale where it makes contact with the body (and my dry feet lol! Bleurgh.)

The team also sent me their Paris Pillowshams* (£30 each) in cream as I’d said I needed something more than just standard pillows when it came to dressing my bed! I struggle with the gap it leaves and the fact my bed is silver in this predominantly gold bedroom really bugs me now so wanted to cover it up too! The pillowshams are massive and can be filled with special filled pillows or like me just fill them with two old pillows and they work pretty darn well too! The Paris is a thick cotton chenille with a diamond type design across it so fits in well with lots of bedding designs which is a bonus!

We added the Christy Oslo Throw in Ecru (£65)* to finish off the look. It’s a lovely cotton mix knit throw, and it drapes lovely! I can’t wait to use it outside if the bedroom too, I’m thinking snuggling on my sofa with it as it’s big enough to cover my feet even (always an issue for us Tall beings!)

I’d picked up these dark green velvet quilted cushions in Homesense for £14.99 each and think they just finish off the bedroom and bring in the wallpaper more as all colours are represented across the bed and wallpaper. They also match in the curtains which were a bargain from The Mill Shop for just £27.25 a pair! They’re much more light blocking than our previous Next silver ones we had which Luke is more than grateful for!

You may have spotted the towels on the end of the bed in the first photo, I always do this in our guest room when people stay and I think it looks that bit classy! Hands down these Christy Mode towels * are the softest towels I’ve ever touched and I can see why my nan loved Christy towels! The colours of the Mode design in slate look amazing together and really are different don’t you think? Prices from £12 for the hand towel up to £32 for the bath sheet. Completely worth it I feel and I’m already looking at the sheets for both me and Luke so we can have one each! I’ll let you know how these ones wear, as the handtowel has already made it into our ensuite.

And that’s finally it! Of course I’ll keep updating you all with any other new additions to the bedroom – I’m on the look out for a new bed as ours is actually broken- before this shoot we (Read Luke) was fixing it up but it’s not far off completely going! I also want a nice, affordable ottoman that’s super king size length but I’m struggling to find any that would suit and that are under £300! Please tag me in any you find! These are all little additions though that can wait (I hope, pray for the bed) and I’m so happy on how the room has turned out now though ! What’s your fave bit?

*Indicates items provided for consideration of review. As always thoughts and opinions my own. Photos in the main and pillow straightening thanks to the husband.