I’d never seen Park Güell before as my previous trips to Barcelona didn’t take me up to the North West of the city so I was determined to go. So much so we had to go twice. Here is the first tip- book a time slot before you go there! We didn’t know this, we got off the bus walked up the hill for what seemed like ages but was probably fifteen minutes only to find out the next admission to the Monument Zone (where the gorgeous gate houses and the famous mosaic benches can be found) was in four hours time. So we travelled around the free bit, queued for the toilet for an age and then went back down the hill!

We quickly booked online for 8am the next day. However what we didn’t know is that it’s free entry before 8, so when we arrived at 7.58 we technically could have got in for free. So I’m passing this all onto you so if you go you’ll know! (It’s also free after 9.30pm too) we also had to get a taxi going that early and it’s essentially rush hour so not ideal in any way (nor cheap)

Anyways the main thing is we got there, and it was beautiful. At that time of day it’s really serene and the light is just gorgeous.

Park Güell was originally planned to be a posh housing estate, think Beverly Hills meets Barrat homes if you will haha! However it’s poor transport links made it a pretty poor choice for the rich of Barcelona to want to live there. So only a couple of show homes were built (Gaudí then moved into one). Luckily they had also built the 2 gatehouses the beautiful walls and the amazing staircase that leads to the covered square and above that the beautiful mosaic benches.

Of course I had to get some outfit shots whilst there especially as I wore my new Hotters* as they were perfect for walking around the park in: They remind me a bit of Nike’s with the lightweight uppers and even the soles are light which makes them so comfy to wear. They also have Hotters H10 technology which are memory foam insoles that mould to your feet whilst wearing them. I won them by entering their bloggers Instagram competition by saying where I would wear a pair if I won, with Barcelona looming it seemed perfect!

I teamed them with a black textured midi skirt from Everything £5 (which I think may be a Yours Clothing one), and this bargainous Zig Zag Floral Cami top from New Look. It’s only £4.99 and thanks to it being stretchy would fit up to maybe a size 22 (I’m wearing a size 16 here). Of course my fave Marble Quay Australia My Girl’s were the sunglasses of choice! Topped with a little mesh scrunchie from River Island because I could not be bothered to think about my hair so early in the day!

I liked the mix of the slightly sporty trainers and the skirt, I think the racer style of the top helped to bring the outfit together a little more than I originally thought it would and it was super comfy to walk around in, my feet didn’t sweat on the Hotters either so super bonus, especially when we went back to the hotel and went to the pool.

Just looking back at these dreamy photos makes me want to go back asap- please shout up in the comments if you enjoyed this post and would like to see more like it!