My fave Skincare brand are back on the blog! I’m still using their scalp cream that I featured here – I won’t use anything else on my dermatitis. It’s really eased it long term and now I only get flare ups when I use a different cream alongside it (currently I use Benefit Triple Performing Moisturiser). If I compare my skin to where it was last year it’s a massive improvement and using Moo Goo means I’m using natural lotions to do it. To briefly describe my type of dermatitis (Seborrhoeic Dermatitis) it’s basically adult Cradle Cap. It impacts the scalp, creases of the nose, eyebrows and ears and sometimes other oily places. On my scalp it’s big scales, when I’m going through a a flare up it’s itchy and covers most of my head. When it’s being managed it’s not as itchy all over and is smaller scales. My nose and eyebrows are the other two places that I get it the most and that tend to flake everyday. It’s said 5 in 100 suffer from it so it’s more common than you may think, and is often described as a worse kind of dandruff (which it is essentially).

I ordered the Moo Goo Milk Shampoo last year to see if it helped my scalp at all,as I didn’t fancy using the scalp cream in my hair (I wasn’t willing to get greasy roots!slightly vain I know!)  I use it on all of my scalp and roots and use a different shampoo targeted to my hair type for the lengths of my hair. At the moment it’s the Paul Mitchell Clarifying one, I just find it tends to my hair a little more than if using Moo Goo all over, but of course you can and it does a good job on most types of hair. I went through a big bottle before restocking and it lasted me ages using it that way plus it helped me manage my hair type as well as my dermatitis. The lovely herd at Moo Goo kindly sent me another bottle and a bottle of their Cream Conditioner* to try out alongside it after I said how good I had found the shampoo in its own.

Before Moo Goo I was using over the counter shampoo which was not only expensive, but also made my scalp react more when I was going through a flare up I found. Moo Goo Milk Shampoo* is much gentler and although it doesn’t go away (and never will) it’s helped me manage it so much better.  The Cream Conditioner is as good as they said too, I’m using this all over at the moment and it does make my hair feel soft, it’s gentle too so it means it’s also not irritating my scalp like some products do.

It’s worth saying its gentle enough to be used on any kind of irritated skin and on the scalp or for those that like to use all natural products on their hair. It’s a reasonable price for the large 500ml sizes it’s £11.90 for each and they come with the handy pump for ease of use. I’ve also got my eye on the new Travel pack which has smaller sizes of each in it and the Milk Wash and Full Cream Moistursier.

If you try MooGoo at all I would love to know, and if my symptoms sound familiar to you then I recommend going to your doctor and getting it checked out for sure, I’m always happy to chat about it too so feel free to ask away below or on Twitter!

*indicates an item sent for review, (having already bought and loved one of these products anyway) as always thoughts and words my own and honest!