The Taste of Spain- Tapas Revolution New Dishes! 

Yes it’s true I am obsessed with Tapas Revolution. So much so I went twice in a week, once to take my Sis in Law to go for the first time and once at the invitation of Tapas Revolution to try the new dishes on the menu. 

On my first visit we went for my favourite dishes as I had to show my SIL what it was all about- I converted her to the Manchego and Quince Jelly from the start, and I wouldn’t share my Paella so we had to have two! Terrible I know, but seriously it is the best! 

Mr E got to come along on the review trip as he’s just as obsessed with Tapas Revolution as I am. As always everyone was super friendly and so we asked them to recommend their faves of the new dishes for us to try. They arrived thick and fast, and soon the table was brimming with food. I was in heaven. I won’t bore you with all the deliciousness so I’ll give you my highlights instead. 

Surprise Dish – Gazpacho de Sandía

If you don’t know Gazpacho is basically cold soup. This one is made with tomato and watermelon- considering I don’t like watermelon I figured that it wasn’t going to go well. Actually it was nice and refreshing and the unusual sweet tomato flavour was actually really nice. 

Strangest Looking Dish- Arroz Negro 

Translated to black rice, it looks so strange. I struggled to see where the squid was hidden in it, but it was glorious and a great fishy counterpart to my usual paella. It was so moist and just the right side of sticky.

Most Traditional Dish- Huevos Rotos

This is a half cooked egg served with baked chorizo and potato, the ode being you beak the egg when it’s served and stir it into the dish to finish its cooking. Our egg was slightly over cooked so we couldn’t stir ours in as much as we probably should have but it was so nice still. If you’re a chorizo fan I would definitely recommend the dish. 

We also had our fave Pan con Tomate, Empanadillas and Ensalada which contains my fave Manchego! We finished off with their delicious Churros which were so lovely! 

Of course I’ll be going back and the black rice and Empanadillas will definitely make it on my choices again! Let me know which one you like the look of the best and if this has made your mouth water- I’m sorry!