Ad| Press Trip. Well, here we are on my second spa review of this series. This time I visited Wellness at Alpamare * in Scarborough after Bee invited me along for her Press Trip there. I have to thank Scarborough for a lot, mainly my existence, as it was there my parents met in a crowded hotel bar. Him whilst waiting for his girlfriend to get ready, her waiting for her boyfriend to get ready. Yep. Really. He asked her if he could taste her lipstick and 54 years later here we are. Anyways, I am digressing. It’s been a long time since I’d visited Scarborough. In fact, it had been 3 years since my last trip there. I’ve just been so busy visiting alll the foreign climes there’s been little focus on the lovely U.K. spots. So it was rather nice to get across to Scarborough for the day.

View out to sea from the Wellness at Alpamare terrace


We arrived at Wellness at Alpamare and I have to say it’s important not to judge a book by its cover at this point. First, the parking needs to be paid for, at £4.50 for 6 hours it’s not the worst though. We discovered later that it’s just a short (but steep) walk down to the north bay beach so I can see why they need to charge. If you do go remember to take some change or your phone to pay.

lucy in a check maxi dress stood in front of the alpamare sign

Wellness at Alpamare is situated at the top level of the Alpamare Water Park with its 4 flumes, giant wave pool and Splash and Play area which you can see into at the entrance. At the summer holiday time, this is less than serene I can tell you! We queued with a number of families to enter the complex as there’s no separate check-in for spa guests. It didn’t take them long to get through everyone though and we were soon on our way. Included in the entry are a towel and robe. I’m glad to say their one size robe was plenty big enough which was refreshing!

Another point to note is that the changing rooms and showers are also shared with the main water park. So expect lots of excited children at peak times! However, once you’ve walked into the water park you go straight into the lift. Then when you step out of that lift it is utter bliss. It’s like another world. So calm and peaceful. Worth the ten mins spent at the busy entrance and getting changed for sure.

sea view from the panoramic sauna
lucy looking out at View out to sea from the Wellness at Alpamare terrace

Thermal Experiences

I have to say I was so impressed by the various rooms at Wellness at Alpamare . They have a Hamam circuit that starts with a Soap Steam Bath. A warm lightly steamed room where you apply the soap to cleanse the skin. The next step is to lay on the Warm Centre Stone. It was so good and was even a step on from the heated beds I loved so much in my last spa post.

Lucy sat on the hot stone bath in a leopard print bikini
Lucy sat on the hot stone bath in a leopard print bikini

After that, there’s a Rhassoul Bath where you can buy mud for a mud Rhassoul for just £8 which I thought was a reasonable price. Or you can just use the room as you would a steam room. Then there’s the Foot Reflexology Baths that are hot and cold, plus a Herbal Steam Bath. We didn’t even get the chance to try every room as there were so many!

lucy laid on a swinging recliner seat in the hay bath room

Outside of this circuit, there’s an amazing experience shower space, with aroma showers and ice. Then a clay sauna which didn’t feel too warm but it is so you have to keep an eye on the time as it doesn’t feel as hot as it is. Then there’s my fave room the Hay Bath. It has swinging loungers and cleansed hay on the walls (hayfever Free) and the room smells gently of hay. It’s so soothing and I can’t describe why!

sea view from the panoramic sauna
sea view from the panoramic sauna

Aufguss Ceremony

The last part is the Seaview Panoramic Sauna. this one is the HOT one! We couldn’t even stand on the floor at one point. It then got hotter when we took part in one of the Aufguss Ceremonies. These are a wellness and purification ceremony that are conducted across the day. We got there in time for the 11.00 one and boy was it hot. The Aufgussmesiter is the person who carries out the ceremony. They apply scented ice cones to the hot stones, then whip a towel through the scented hot air. Once that’s done, they then use the towel to direct the hot air to your body. This was the hottest I have ever been and my face made the guy apologise to me! They put on 4 scents throughout, and the ceremony lasts about ten mins, but feels like an hour haha!

lucy in a leopard print swimming costume with the pool and sea below her
lucy in a leopard print swimming costume with the pool and sea below her

After that, we walked through the outside (but covered) showers that are hot and cold and you don’t know what until you start to go through them. Below the sauna and terrace is one of the Water Parks pools which is the infinity one (it looks out to sea) and is heated to 35 degrees. It’s got little jet areas in it too that come on intermittently so it slightly makes up for the fact that the spa doesn’t have a jacuzzi. I think one would be perfect on the terrace looking out to sea!

loungers in the relaxation room

You can eat in the relaxation area which overlooks the water park, or in the water park itself. We grabbed a choc muffin each as we wanted to get some fish and chips on the seafront later.


There’s four treatment rooms, three singles and one double. They were really pretty with Morrocan style lanterns decorating them but of course very dark too! We were both gifted a 25min Relaxing Massage, that focussed on the back, neck shoulders and arms. Usually, that would cost £39 which was reasonable, and I left feeling amazing so would probably have one again! I know Bee loved hers too and our masseuse really listened to the pressure and my ailments which I really appreciated. We had single treatments as there was only one masseuse in there in the morning and when we arrived we decided to move our appointments earlier than we booked. They were super accommodating as with everything throughout.

View out to sea from the Wellness at Alpamare terrace

I have to say I didn’t expect much from the Wellness at Alpamare spa, and I was pleasantly surprised to see everything it had to offer. Considering the entry is only £39 for 6 hours, and includes water park entrance, its a bargain! If you go after 5.30pm then you get 4 hours (until 9.30) for just £25. I wish I lived closer as I would be there all the time. Fact. I also think it would be good for families to go to, leave the kids with one adult in the water park whilst the others go and enjoy a bit of peace! I’d give it an 8 out of 10 thanks to its reasonable price, choice of rooms, views for days and helpful staff. I’d give it extra points if they had a better spa pool or jacuzzi and separate changing and showers to up the luxury.

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