Ad|Press Event. A couple of weeks ago I took a (cheap) trip to Manchester to attend one of my fave blogger events. Icelolly’s Blog at The Beach. This one was in partnership with Visit Barbados so it was a very tropical theme which I was here for on one of the last summers day’s we had. I always have a fab time no matter though as there’s the most lovely Travel Bloggers there. Plus there’s usually free drink (bonus!) But, more importantly, they have guest speakers from the blogging community and beyond.

At this event, there was the fab Kirsty Leanne who created the Plus Size Travel Too community. She talked about doing just that and how community can really provide a purpose to blogging. Katy from Miss Katy English and Little Miss Katy Blog talked about creative photo making. Including how she got out of her Instagram rut and started creating fabulous content on that platform! Both were delivered with passion and got my creative thoughts whirring! Thanks, gals and you did fab!

Barbados Themed Fun

As well as all amazing Barbadian themed food and drink we had. We heard from Marc from Visit Barbados about everything Barbados has to offer. This is where it got doubly interesting as not only did we learn lots about Barbados we learnt there was a chance to win a holiday there! Now I’ve been wanting to visit the Caribbean for my birthday in early Jan for a number of years but have never made it. I consider it fate that I could finally get there in 2020 and this is why I now know it has to be Barbados- the signs are there:

  1. Affordability: I could never afford to visit in January – thanks to Christmas- so winning the holiday would solve that
  2. I always thought St Lucia should get my attention as it was close to my own name.. That was until I found out Barbados has a Parish of Saint Lucy!
  3. As part of the 2020 We Gatherin’ initiative which promotes the people of Barbados and encourages them to come home in 2020. The parish of Saint Lucy is the first to be celebrated in, yep, you guessed it, January
  4. It’s the island of Rum. Need I say more?

And why should you visit I hear you cry? Well, let me direct you to my poem when I’ve tried to sum up what Barbados can offer as a holiday destination. I wanted to do something a little creative so I hope you like it!!

Barbados’ Beauty
Barbados' Beauty is rarely matched, 
From fantastic beaches to hidden dirt tracks.
It's great for your fitness, you can run, you can swim,
Oh, and don't forget 'Spelunking', I'm told it's the 'In' thing!
If you like history, then Barbados is for you,
The Capital City is certified by... UNESCOoooooo,
From the oldest of windmills, whose sails still go round,
To Jacobean Mansions set in acres of grounds.
If that's not your bag, well, it's the birthplace of Rum,
The most perfect of drinks when you bathe in the sun.
But if it's street food you're after, then there breadfruit to buy,
So there's just one quick question, do you roast or do you fry?
And Festivals? There's plenty, film, rum, jazz and more
But the most famous of all is Crop Over for sure!
'We Gatherin' is their 2020 Campaign,
Celebrating their people and parishes is their main aim.
So why don't you visit, doesn't it sound fun?
And just in case I don't win? Will you bring me back some rum?

I’ve linked some parts of the above so you can see what spelunking is, why I call UNESCO UNESCooooooooo, and why I’m asking if you like your breadfruit roasted or fried. I’d love to know what you think in the comments below!