I’m not an edgy person so when I saw this beautiful dress styled with converse on the ASOS site it put me off it way more than I ever thought it would. I’m not averse to a trainer/dress combo but this just didn’t work for me and I couldn’t picture the dress with some ballet pumps or even heels so I skipped past it. However it stayed in my mind and quickly was added back into my saved basket until a last minute panic before my holidays meant it became mine just a few days before we jetted off. I’m now wondering why I ever let those converse get to me lol.

I’ve talked about dark florals for as long as I’ve written this blog, as they are just my perfect print. A lovely black or very dark background with any kind of floral print, but if there’s some burgundy in there then I am there for it. It was just the right level of chiffon swoosh to look fancy enough for our cruise but also not too fancy that I can’t wear it out for a meal in the upcoming weeks. I will definitely not be trying to dumb it down by an addition if my face reeboks that’s for sure. As Skepta And JME once said, That’s Not Me.

Now I’m back home I’m thinking I’d pair it with some tan accessories to tie in with the more orange tones in the dress but as I only had these light pink heels these were the choice for my hols! They were another panic holiday purchase but for £12 it was a no brainer. I got the size 8 and they aren’t even wide fit but are very generous and even fit my semi swollen feet- oh the joys of air travel, warmer climes and walking all day.

Luckily the dress is a midi length so I preserved my modesty- as you can see it was pretty windy on deck! And I do love a good midi dress, I’m over dresses so short you sit on the pleather of the restaurant seat (and then get stuck to it-urgh) so a midi is perfect to still allow that flash of leg.

What do you think to this dress? It’s available in sizes 16-30 over on ASOS Curve for £45, which I think is a great price considering how nice it looks!