My Top Four Things To Do on Lunch in Leeds

If you weren’t aware, I don’t actually live in Leeds. In fact I don’t actually live anywhere near Leeds! I’m 50miles south but commute daily for work. Luckily the lovely Leeds blogger gangs took me under their wings and I now class myself as a Leeds blogger whenever I’m asked! I blooming love Leeds and I try and make the most of my time here so often go out in the evenings as you’ll probably have noticed! However something I haven’t really maximised is my lunch break. In short I only actually eat at lunch who’d have thought it!? It was nipping out for a Clarins Facial that actually prompted me to think about other things you can do during your lunch break in Leeds so I thought I’d share my top ones!

1. Glow Up with a Facial

Like I say it was this experience that started me thinking about how to maximise my lunch break. I was invited by the Clarins Beauty Bar team based in John Lewis in Victoria Gate to experience one of their half hour treatments and I chose the Get Glowing Facial. After a consultation I was then treated to the most relaxing lunch break ever. I felt so relaxed afterwards and my skin looked fab! Not one for those that have to wear make up to work on the daily but your skin looks that good afterwards you really don’t need to! (All 30 min Treatments £25*)

2. Zen Out with a Yoga Class

I actually practise yoga in a class at work but have been looking at another lunch class on Thursdays 12.30-13.30 close by with the same teacher. I’m rubbish at yoga as I have zero balance but god loves a trier right!? And I enjoy it and my flexibility has improved ten fold, which has got to be a bonus right!? There’s lots of classes in Leeds, my other faves Yoga Hero do quite a few so worth checking them out (From £5 a session)

3. Catch Up on Your Beauty Regime

Similar to the Facial but a bit more practical , eyebrow waxing and tinting or having your nails done can all be achieved in the break. I love The Beauty Assembly for this as they are my closet salon and such a lovely team! Here’s my post on my mani I had there a while back. I’ve also been recommended Benito Brow Bar in Debenhams for brows and Mint for your bi weekly gels too. (Pastille manis from £26.50, full Brow treatment £15)

4. Actually Eat!

It’s hard to find some where that you know you can go to without pre-ordering and be in and out in an hour. It’s why I love Trinity Kitchen so much. No arguments on who wants what type of food and quick service! Plus the vendors have recently changed so there’s some new treats to try. I’m in love with Little Red Eats burgers* though so recommend those if you’re a burger fan! (Burger Meal Deal from £10)

Now I appreciate all these cost money and there of course some fab free ways to spend your lunch break too like reading a library book, taking a walk or run canal side, taking some photos, visiting the newly reopened Leeds Art Gallery or writing a blog post like I’ve just done!! What’s your fave way to spend your lunch break!?

*experience and food provided free of charge in consideration of review.