Did I mention I went on holiday again? And I took my proper camera! Yay for outfit shots!! I really feel wintery now I’m back and have a cold, so this really was the last of the summer for me.  I took lots of pretty summer dresses to get their last outings, that you’ve seen before no doubt, but the main star of the show were my pants. 
Knickers (not trousers for those of you in the north west!) 

Yup. So if you know me and don’t wish to see me in my pants then skip away now! 
Or if you don’t and don’t want to also stop scrolling! 

Okay so they’re not that racy, no bum showing, no tum showing rather big pants! But they have a purpose and let me tell you I am loving them! Chaffree do what they say on the tin (well, waistband) and stop chaffing and sweating too. No one really ever wants to talk about ‘chub rub’, but having thighs that like to ‘kiss’ has always been my thing. Even when I probably wasn’t considered plus size there was definitely no thigh gap on this body and it never really bothered me until more recently when I started to get a rash when I wore dresses in hot places. Mainly on holiday but anywhere I would do a lot of walking or dancing or just a lot of movement. 

I tried wearing a size bigger sucky-in pant (just uncomfortable and too thick for the heat) I tried a lace garter contraption (fell down!) and then I was recommended Chaffree and they offered to send me some to try for my holidays.

I picked the blush pink pair* in the shorter short (knicker boxer) style as I didn’t want them to show from under my shorter dresses. They are fab. I wear my usual pants under them but you don’t have to (it just meant I could wear them twice on holiday without being a grot lol!) and they come up to the waist. I do roll mine down sometimes too and they’re so comfy I’ve even slept in them before now! 

Their advice is to size down if you are in between sizes so I got the M/L which covers sizes 14/16/18 and they were just right for me. They were much comfier than the last attempts, they are so light it feels like they’re not there most of the time. 

They have a kind of dri-fit technology called COOLMAX which helps keep the body cool and dry so you don’t even sweat they were just perfect for holiday heat! 

I literally need about 5 more pairs in my life I’m eyeing up a black pair next, as I wear them whenever I go out in a skirt or dress sans tights now (and I hardly wear tights even in winter so it’s a lot!) and need a pair that my new black suede skirt won’t dye (this pink pair were rather blackened after the first wear of that skirt – oops). 
So after looking out of my window to the cold rainy morning I’ll leave you with this beautiful sunset… Just take me back now please!!