Have you ever bought a perfume solely on it’s dressing table appeal? If so be prepared to do so again and check out the new Marc Jacobs Perfume Decadence. I’d seen it online when it launched a few weeks ago and decided I needed to smell it as I just loved the bottle which is designed to reflect a MJ handbag (the larger bottles even have a tassle I’ve discovered since) 

 As it was newly released I didn’t expect to find it on holiday but I found it in a parfumerie in Mahon last week at a bargain price of 40 Euro’s (about £28!) for the 30ml(It’s £49 at Boots so I saved £20- Completely bargainous). I sprayed it and walked around the town before deciding if I definitely liked it and wasn’t just being swayed by its beautifulness I also wanted to check Mr E liked it to as I have a say in his fragrance so figured he should in mine. We both loved though it so it wasn’t a hard decision to make to treat myself. 

It’s notes are plum,rose and Amber, it’s a real rich woody floral scent that is a perfect wintery evening scent I would say and as I was going home to an autumnal UK I thought it would be perfect. My summer perfume (The Library of Fragrance Peach) had run out on the day I left for holiday everything just seemed like fate! 

Literally have not stopped wearing it since! It’s now crowned my winter fragrance, don’t think it will last long though so share your fave winter fragrance below so I can check them out too!