In my Victoria Quarter post I professed a bit of my love for Leeds and as impressed publish I was asked by Travelodge* if I wanted to write about my favourite part of Leeds, it was like fate! I’ve commuted to Leeds for nearly 4 years now and I’ve really started to enjoy the city more recently. When I do stay over its usually in the Vicar Lane Travelodge (I’m not just saying that either!) it’s affordable and not too far a walk from Call Lane which is where we inevitably end up on a night out. 

I was asked to talk about my favourite part of Leeds and there’s a few that hold a special place in my heart so decided to share two very different ones: 

Fazenda, Granary Wharf

 There’s been a lot of firsts at Fazenda for me, the first time I went it was when I had taken a regional role which meant my first real promotion for me. It was very celebratory and I just loved the whole concept of all you can eat meat! I’ve been there with Mr E for his birthday and for mine and it’s where I first ate Chicken Heart! It’s now my favourite thing to eat when I go.

I also tried red wine there for the first time (since a bad episode ten years previous at a uni friends 21st) and where my friend had her first proper wine after having her first baby. If you ask me where I want to eat in Leeds hands down its here. 

Rooftop Car Park

Random one but where I work we have a little multi-storey car park, and when I leave work late and I’m parked on that top deck I often stop to admire the view of the city. I find it really calming and instantly relaxes me ready for my journey home. If I could choose one place that never fails to relax me and makes me feel serene it would be here! Sounds a bit strange I know it it just works! 

I’m sure not many people would pick somewhere associated with their workplace as being their favourite calming place but I’m happy I can! 

I’m really starting to discover Leeds more recently, from great independent stores like Lamberts Yard, beautiful bars like Bar Soba and the best Arena venue I’ve ever watched a concert at. All of which I’ve visited just this last week alone! 
I also love the water taxi’s (I need to go in one soon!) , the canals and the older buildings in Leeds. 


Where’s you’re favourite place in Leeds or where you are from? Join in with the convo below or on Twitter using #FlauntyaHaunt 

*post sponsored by Travelodge , as always all content and words my own!