I cannot believe it’s been nearly a year since the last (and first ever) CFF. It seems like only a few months ago- but here I am frantically outfit planning for the next one in less than three weeks. Originally I was going to be going on holiday on the Saturday but when I realised it clashed we then opted for the Sunday so I could go- It’s going to be THAT good.

I was invited to a private dinner with Hayley Hasselhoff, as she was in the UK doing some promotion for CFF as she is their face of the festival. After getting the wrong Home Sweet Home in Manchester (yep I didn’t know there was two!) I grabbed an Uber and pokemon’d my way over to where it actually was and luckily I wasn’t the last one there!Georgina and Gloria were there already so we managed a quick photo and I got to meet Lucy from Look Magazine who are the sponsors of the event (thanks to her for this photo!)

Outfit wise I went semi casual as it was so warm and I had to get changed in a loo on the way there- oh so glamorous. Thanks to Georgina for the quick photos- I’m wearing the River Island Plus Denim Pencil Skirt (size 20) and a River Island Embroidered Crop Cami from their core range (size 18) plus my Michael Kors Jet Set and infamous River Island Pom Pom Sandals. 

Soon enough everyone was there and we were seated. I won’t bore you with the details of the whole night, so here’s the five things I learnt that night!

  1. Home Sweet Home do the spiciest fajitas- if you can’t take the heat stay out of kitchen, well actually just don’t order the fajitas. Luckily I didn’t but there were a few surprised faces at the table when they took their first bites! 
  2. I bloody love 00’s R&B and hip hop- okay I knew this anyway- but the soundtrack in Home Sweet Home was FIRE!! I tried explaining who Ja Rule was to Georgina but I gave up because food came
  3. Hayley Hasslehoff is lovely- and we have similar tastes- she’d been eyeing up the River Island Plus Bardot that I talked about on here last week
  4. I’m an excellent Pokemon Teacher- unfortunately Georgina only managed to capture some of my skills on snapchat- but in summary I taught Hayley on my phone and it was hilarious- at one point we were screeching ‘there’s one on the cake- ONE ON THE CAKE!’ and then Hayley proceeded to use up half of my Pokeballs on catching this Pidgey ahahah 
  5. Home Sweet Home cakes are the best. Don’t underestimate the beauty and deliciousness of these cakes! 

I also learned that there will be lots going on at the CFF this year, it’s bigger and better and lots of the feedback from last year has been used to develop it into a fab event. There’s some fab brands there- my faves River Island and Very are there this year and so many more- lots of celebrity guests – Holly Hagan is launching her collaboration with Want That Trend which will start at a size 8 and go up to a size 32- I think that’s fabulous and will be one of the most inclusive collabs I think I will have seen! Theres more being announced with EBay launching their curve hub at the event only being announced yesterday. The event is in Liverpool this year on September the 10th, and I’ve got a 20% discount code on tickets if you’ve still not got a ticket. All the details are below and can be found here.

Let me know if I’ll see you there (and please say hi as I won’t be wearing my glasses!!)! Also have you decided on your outfit- I need to know!!