Rewind about two years ago and I didn’t wear lipstick, maybe a bit of gloss here and there but certainly no lip liner either. I’m just an eyeshadow kind of girl, but one day I ventured into the world of the lipstick and now look at me! Owner of various lipsticks and multiple lip liners in various shades of nude. And because I feel the search for my perfect lip liner is ever lasting I thought I’d share with you the ones I’ve found so far on my quest….

Top to Bottom

  • Primark PS Lip Liner Pencil in Shade 10 (£1)
  • Urban Decay Gewn Stefani Lip Liner in ExGirlfriend (£14)
  • Stila Lip Liner in Brown (£Unknown gifted and seems to be discontinued)
  • Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk (£16)
  • NYX Lip Liner in Nude Suede Shoes (£5.50)
  • Flormar Waterproof Lip Liner in Shade No 201 (€4 approx bought in Barcelona) 

There’s quite a shade range within these and a price range too. The cheapest is of course the Primark one, I was told it was a great dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury, however it isn’t,(can’t win em all I suppose) I use it to line the edges and fill in when I go for a daytime ombré nude lip, as it’s just the right shade of dark nudey brown to do it with. If you’re looking for a nineties style brown liner I’d say this would do a good subtle job of giving that affect, on paler skins. 
I used the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani one non stop after I bought it but the NYX shade is oh so similar and I find it had just as much staying power. Oh and the Urban Decay ones lid came off in my bag and ruined my handbag lining. Not clever UD. 

I won’t chat too much about the Stila one, I can only find it on EBay and Amazon now and it’s not brown but more of a apricot shade. Hmm. 

Another you can’t buy easily as its not available directly in the UK is from Flormar- I picked it up in Barcelona (in the mall on the Plaça D’Espagna if you’re going there!) it’s my favourite, it looks similar to the NYX here but it is slightly lighter when applied I find, both are my go to though and I won’t be buying the more expensive versions again, as the staying power and shades of these ones are just perfect for me. 

Of course though I’m still always on the look out for more so shout me if you have any faves too or if this has persuaded you to go pick the NYX one up quick!