Just before I jetted off on my recent travels I was invited to go to Neon Cactus in Leeds as they’d recently relaunched and had a new food and drink menu to try out. I didn’t think I’d been to Neon Cactus before however upon investigating where exactly it was in Leeds, I remembered I’d been hazily dragged there on a night out to sample some kind of shot. All I remember is that it was strong! I now know it was this…

A double shot of epic proportions, never to be repeated for me! 

Even with past experience I decided to go along even though I knew it was a school night and I’d have to drive home. No strong shots again for me. I met up with a host of lovely bloggers who were of course all ready and prepared for tequila on a Wednesday- I remember Kellie asking why it was worse than Tequila Thursday’s and I replied because there’s only one working day to get through hungover, not two- if you check out her post and Lizi’s you’ll see there were some epic hangovers from the night.
So the alcohol is good and strong, and the cocktails were nice I’m informed!

 I did manage to try a small amount of their frozen slush, it would have been rude not to on one of the hottest September days in Leeds, It was perfect for that I must say! I also got to try a couple of non alcoholic ones mixed just for me. Those , plus the amazing company for the night meant I didn’t need alcohol to have some fab fun with my girls (and boy!) and do you know what? I didn’t suffer a two day hangover- bonus. 

I also got to try the tasters of food that came around, soberly and can confirm that they were all pretty good, I was worried the food being Mexican based may be too spicy for me, but actually it wasn’t and I was very pleasantly surprised. I would for sure go back and eat again there , the chicken empanadas and the chicken wings would be my top tips if you go! Oh and if you fancy a two day hangover go for tequila, tequila, multiple cocktails including an espresso martini for energy and you’re good to go!