Whilst on holiday in Tenerife I discovered this amazing bar, nestled on the cliff edge with the most perfect views of the Sunset; hence its name Sunset 290. I came about finding out about it not through a rep, or recommendation from another traveller but through Instagram. 
Without going into detail, I was searching other photos that had been tagged at our hotel location, after I’d just posted one of mine, there was one of a young couple and I clicked on their profile and there was Sunset 290 next to the photo they had taken at the hotel. It’s Instagram heaven basically and luckily they’d location tagged their photo for it too, so I could see it wasn’t too far away for us! So we decided to spend our last evening on the island there. 
We had quite a surprise when the taxi stopped on a dirt track in front of an off-road jeep- think safari jeep, branded with the Sunset290 logo. Eep. We got in and proceeded to take the steepest windiest road down to the bar! Luke (formerly and still known as Mr E) videoed it, my face is hilarious, I was gripping onto my clutch bag for dear life! You can see how steep it is in this photo at the entrance! 

We got there early and settled down to food and cocktails whilst watching the sun slowly descend down towards the ocean. It was bliss. 

The standout dish for me was my starter which had the most amazing mushrooms I’ve ever tasted in it, they were so juicy and quite seafood like in their consistency which meant they paired well with the prawns that were also in the dish. 

It was one of the best meals we had during our time there and was very reasonably priced too, around 7-11€ for starters and 12-25€ for mains. Cocktails were around 6€ so again very good value for the quality. The mojitos are a must if you go, the mint was so fresh, I had a Mango one and it was super refreshing. Our waiter was actually really lovely, although the ones we met first off weren’t so much, they have days beds on a sandy strip and when we asked him he said without reservation we had no chance of sitting on one and it was closed off (up until we left only one couple had actually sat on them all night!) I disliked that kind of pretentiousness but luckily there are two sides to the bar separated by a long walkway so we nestled ourselves the opposite side and had nothing but lovely service there! 

When it was time to go they called us a cab and it even drove to the bottom of the track, going back up in the taxi was just as nerve racking as going down in the jeep though to be honest! I’m so glad I used Instagram to look for cool places to visit, as this was the best way to see our last sunset of the holiday, have you ever done this or will you do now based on my experience?!