My Favourite Christmas Candles

I absolutely love burning candles in winter, there’s nothing like snuggling down under a blanket to watch a film, with some hot chocolate and a nice candle burning to make you feel all cosy. I especially like anything that’s festive themed leading up to Christmas and luckily Luke does too so we often go in search of the next Christmas candle for that year!

So as I’ve searched high and low for some faves I thought I’d share them with you! I’m starting with my absolute fave which I’ve had in all the variants they do now (large jar, small jar, tea-light, votive and wax melt!!) as I love it so much. The Christmas Tree candle from Heart & Home* really smells like Christmas Tree and even when it’s not lit the smell is in the room too, way better than those scentsticles you can get to put on your fake tree! Some pine/forest/tree candles smell like toilet cleaner – think Pine Fresh- this smells like real Christmas Tree, I didn’t realise how much so until I made my real wreath and had it indoors overnight and woke up to what I thought was the candles scent drifting down the hallway- until I realised it was the wreath and the candle was closed! This is the large jar size and retails at £14.99 with a burn time of up to 70 hours. My first one lasted ages but I didn’t time it though haha but I’d say it would have quite easily have met that burn time.

I’m also now trying out Snow Angel from Heart & Home* and this is a much lighter and fresher scent and is quite a sweet scent too. This is the small jar size and is £6.99, it’s the perfect size if you like to mix up your candles, but it still claims to provide up to 30 hours of burn time so plenty of value for money still! This one also matches my winter scene decor which I am very happy about.

Another candle we’ve tried this year is the Bayberry scent by Root Legacy. We picked this one up on our travels in Castleton, we’d looked high and low for the Heart & Home candle but couldn’t find it so started smelling other green candles in the hope we would find one. This one was the closest we could find and it was on offer in the garden centre we were in, so we chanced it. Usually this size is £11.99 and I wouldn’t been happy with the wonky label if I had paid that for it! It claims to go for up to 45 hours which I’d say was about right as we’ve been burning it for the last 3 weeks (on and off of course!) and still have an eighth or so left. Scent wise it’s not quite the same level as the Heart & Home one but is nice, it just doesn’t leave that strong scent in the room or even whilst burning, it just doesn’t seem to have enough projection of scent I find.

Finally another fave of mine has to be Heyland & Whittle Olive And Fig*. This isn’t a Christmas scent but I bought my first one from Boots a couple of Christmases back and so it reminds me of this time of year! I was gutted when it ran out and the kind gals and guys at H&W sent me another to cheer me up! This size retails at £27 and it’s burn time is around 40 hours but they only have the smaller tin size in stock it seems which may be a good way to try it out first more affordably. Again the scent is very strong though so you do get good scent for what you pay for.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to buy alllll the candles as, you know, Christmas so listed some other candles that I’d love to try out this year!

  • Neom Candle in Christmas WishI haven’t tried a Neom candle yet and they are on my list! The Christmas ones this year are super pretty too!
  • Flamingo Candle in Mulled Wine and Berries I have a chocolate orange one that I’ll be finishing first

Do you have a fave candle brand or scent!? Let me know below so I can add it to my wish list won’t you!?

*indicates items gifted, where stated I have bought a previous item myself and been gifted for consideration of review or by the kindness of their hearts!