I mentioned a few posts ago that I’m off to the races at the end of this month, so have been scouring the net for suitable dresses to wear of a decent length!
As I work for Asda I do like to ‘represent the brand’ and wear George a lot, so it was whilst I was picking up a blazer online that I’d seen whilst on a store visit I decided to have a look at the dress selection. And there they were….

G21 Floral Print Skater Dress (£16)

G21 Tie Dye Skater Dress (£16)

They are a great shape as they flare from under the bust which means I don’t have to worry about how much I drink and eat on the day! All will be hidden.
I was undecided on which print I liked the best I ordered both (who wouldn’t for £16 each?), plus I know I have 100 days to take one back so plenty of time to decide which one I like the best!
Whilst at the Oaks Boutique event I bought a tie dye scarf that I thought would match the tie dye dress and that my mind was made up,but sadly it doesn’t. So I’m back to square one!

Outfit Details on Polyvore here

That’s when I made the above on Polyvore. I’ve accessorised with items either the same or similar to what I already own, (I can’t find my black mulberry clutch so used the bowler of the same design as an example)to try and make my mind up. I’m leaning more to the floral dress with pink accessories, I have a gorgeous floral headband from Pieces at ASOS that matches perfectly. My dresses print is placed differently so it’s more black at the top so will take a necklace, mines a little smaller and has 3 teardrops, but based on the Shourouk design above.
I still need help though so what do you think? Which one should I wear?!