We all have hangups that we probably want to improve right? We shouldn’t as of course we should be 100% happy with the skin we are in! But Real Talk – that’s just not always the case is it!?

My ultimate hang up is my mouth, especially my teeth- thanks to a childhood illness that meant I threw up on the daily my enamel was obliterated before my adult teeth had even begun to come through my gums. I won’t do anything about them though as unless I get veneers nothing will really work, and after having my teeth photoshopped (badly) for a campaign I was part of and it made me realise I don’t want them to be Rylan white haha! I also really wish my top lip was bigger, I learnt on naked attraction- yes I watch it! (it teaches things and it’s hilare) that the perfect lip ratio for attraction is to have a slightly smaller top lip. However my tiny slug isn’t my fave. I’ve thought about lip fillers but fear a trout pout, and also the needles haha! So again I just put up with it. It’s probably the reason why I never really wore lipstick until the last few years, as I didn’t want to draw attention to that area- again as I learnt to just deal I grew braver- but I’m still not a bold lip fan!

There’s a point to these ramblings and that’s because I was sent this contraption- the PMD Kiss Lip Plumper* from Love Me Beauty to try out.

It’s an electric device that creates a vacuum action to safely plump lips, increase collagen and bring colour to your lips when used with its accompanying serum.

I figured I’d got nothing to lose, I’ll cut to the chase, it sounds dodgy when you use it- I was caught halfway through my first use by the Hub coming home from the gym early and him saying I sounded like I’d been interrupted doing something rude (I’ll let you use your imagination lol) but it did work. However it seemed to work a lot better on my lower lip- more to plump?- so I ended up with a similar ratio to before and my top lip not looking like I’d done much to it! It does bring your natural colour out more as it’s what the ‘pulsating vacuum technology’ does, and it claims to stimulate collagen production so you can end up with plumped lips after regular use (4-6 weeks). If you just use it once with the balm provided then claims are the plump will last about 2 hours.

The first photo is with my usual lip liner and Matte lippy combo about an hour after I’d done it. The second photo is without the plump two days later, similar makeup, similar smile. There’s a very slight difference when you look to the bottom lip and maybe a slight change in the top. I didn’t take any close ups but hopefully this helps!

There’s been lots of raves reviews about this and the one thing I can say is I haven’t had any negative effects from it! I’m contemplating pairing it with the Buxom Lipgloss I got with my month’s before Love Me Beauty as that’s a plumping one too so may help the effect. (For 20% off your first order add lucyloves20 in the promo box at checkout!)

In short I’m not averse to it, I’ll be using it before a night out as why the hell not!? And I’m thinking I might give it a longer go when I get back from holiday – I’ll report back! But I think I’ve also come to realise that I will always have something I’m not fond of but that’s okay, and as long as I accept then I’ll naturally be more comfortable about that. So I’ll be smiling more in photos now too because life’s too short.

*Item provided for consideration of review.Affiliate Discount Code provided in this post.