Tomorrow ain’t promised today.

Ain’t that the truth? It saddens me to think that (as we often relate it to death) but I also take it to mean that time doesn’t stand still either. Things change, evolve, sometimes for the better, sometimes not so. Having seen a number of friends go though a big change recently it did put things into perspective a little and also made me realise I need to start doing things for me. Not because so-and-so is doing it, not because I should do it but because I want to.

I’ve been a bit of a social hermit for the last few weeks, with finally cherishing a few weekends with nothing to do but chill out, I’d started to get a bit further into my introvert status that comes along especially as the seasons change I find. I needed to get out and do something fabulous! And wow did I!?

I had planned to go to The Curve Fashion Festival but I didn’t have anyone to go with and I just wasn’t feeling the vibe this year, I don’t know what it was, maybe because I don’t have the same friends I did last year, or that some of my faves weren’t going or just because it was a lot of hassle to go, I couldn’t pin point it. So when an invite from Appletiser dropped in my inbox for the same day I knew it was fate and so jumped at the chance to go along to Ascot with Luke for their Food and Wine Festival. Because we went on the Saturday there was horse racing too including a race sponsored by Appletiser. I’ve always liked watching the races, my dad loves horse racing, we used to watch it in the afternoons when I was little and he looked after me whilst playing jigsaws so I think it stems from there. My grandad was even more of a fan, he always put on a bet on a Saturday (albeit it was always pennies a pound at most!) and would be watching it and cheering on the TV when we called round. I also love champagne, and nice food so this was pretty much an ideal day!

The only downside was the lack of time to outfit plan. I’m not sure exactly how it happened but this outfit came together late on Friday night as I just hadn’t had any time to sort myself out sooner.

I bought this amazing Elvi Premium Collection skirt in the ASOS sale. It was a steal. I had no occasion to wear it to when I pressed add to basket a few weeks ago, but at £13 instead of £89 I knew I didn’t need one! It’s a good job I did! I dug out my fave Asos Bardot crop top from their main range (similar here in the Tall range). The skirt needs a black top as it has a black stretch waistband (that you can see if you look closely) and I think if you paired it with a lighter top that would stick out a bit too much. I added another bargain of these beaded George at Asda Soft Sole Heels (£16) to bring in the black but also tie in with the beige and gold tones. I topped it off with my Beige J by Jasper Conran fascinator from Debenhams (£35) that I bought last year which was the most expensive item of my outfit bar my beautiful Mulberry Clutch that also got another outing.

Once outfit shots were done it was time for lunch in the Appletiser Private box where I got to meet fellow blogger, Katie from Bunty and Blooms and her Hub, who was lovely and gave Luke another Instagram husband to chat to for a bit whilst we talked all things blog!

After lunch we then went for a wander of the stalls on the main concourse. We got to taste test some amazing things including some toffee vodka and rhubarb gin and some amazing cakes from Fab and Wicked like this raspberry one.

Yep that really is a mountain of brownie! I could have eaten it all!

After that we got to go judge the best turned out horse for the Appletiser race, I enjoyed 9’s ponytail but number 2 won with a father impressive designer shaved into its rear. I’ve never looked at horses bums so much!

Once the race was over (I lost my bet) it was time for Afternoon Tea and more drinks. I went for vodka and Appletiser which was a fab twist on vodka and apple juice which is a big fave of mine. The day flew past and the sun was soon setting on the day, but I laughed, posed and ate and drank my way through it and it was glorious!

I’m so glad I followed my gut and went as I had such a fabulous and joyous day, eating and drinking fabulous food and drink, meeting new people and generally having fun. I didn’t even win any bets!(that would have made it even better haha!) Have you ever been to the races? Let me know in the comments!