Having just touched down in the UK after a quick Paris sojourn I’m already itching to go away again! Luckily in three weeks I’ll be off to the Welsh coast (pray for good weather! For me! ) with the Family- in – Laws so it’s not all bad I suppose! Of course I took a load of photos so rather than just show you my Facebook holiday photo album, I thought I’d take you through some things I think are important when taking photos on the go. Just before we jetted off I went along to a mobile photography workshop hosted by Carphone Warehouse and Samsung , so I was feeling inspired to take some great photos and to share some hints and tips with you all too!

1.Something to take the photo with
Pretty obvious right!? Well it’s not always about having a fancy camera- as Luke says the best camera is the one you have with you- he does this to basically stop me taking my camera out before then lumping him with it! I love my DSLR but it’s just so heavy to carry around with me (hence why Luke gets to carry it!) . So I invested in my mirrorless camera, much easier to pop in my handbag but still produces great photos. Of course even that’s too big for an evening clutch or to look inconspicuous with so my phone is something else I’ll use when out and about. The photography event was to allow us to get to grips with the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ *and their all their camera benefits. I won’t lie since I parted ways with my iPhone 4 which I used to really get on with for taking photos, I haven’t felt the same about the iPhone camera capabilities. I don’t find the focus as responsive and overall it’s just a bit meh! So when I got my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S8 I was pretty excited! As well as having an all important 8mp front camera for those all important Eiffel selfies, the camera also has a pro mode to allow you to adjust the ISO , shutter speed and much more! It also has fab ‘modes’ like food mode for food photography and finally it has selfie filters (watch out Snapchat!)

To show you the differences between all options here’s a similar photo that  I took on my iPhone 6s vs my Canon EOS M3 with the kit lens vs Lukes Canon 6D with a 24-105mm F4 lens. Try and see which ones which before I tell you below!

In order above: Canon 60D, Canon M3 , iPhone 6S.

Canon M3 vs Canon 60D

iPhone 6S vs Samsung Galaxy S8 (obviously not in Paris!)

2. Editing App

So if you’re on the run you need a tool that will allow you to edit the photos you’ve taken quickly and easily. There’s a few I favour but Snapseed is always my go to. VSCO cam is sat in second place, as I’ve even started to use the camera facility that offers as I find it much easier to get good results with it. Of course the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ both have inbuilt photo editing that actually provides the more advanced editing sometimes needed on  photos taken on the go. Here I’ve taken a photo with my Canon M3 and edited it through snapseed, I’ve made a pretty dire photo look a lot better and made a focal point out of something you weren’t necessarily drawn to before. I’ve also over edited slightly so you can se it a little better!

Doesn’t it make a big difference!? Personally I don’t over edit photos usually and keep editing to a bare minimum where I can, as it can sometimes take over the photo which no one wants but a little brightening or white balance is just sometimes needed!

3. Composition

We learnt all about the rule of thirds from Richard, and the best tip is to use the 9 box grid when taking photos (its an easy option to select on your phone so you have the grid when taking photos). The aim is to aligns the focal point to one of the intersections of the lines, and to keeep the subject to the left or right third of the photo. Once you’ve got that marry the horizon to the top or bottom line and you’ve got a fab composed shot.

There’s loads more info about all this on Richard’s tumblr, beware you may get lost for days scrolling through! As we weren’t in Paris for long, we decided to mark key things we wanted to see and then wander around to get there. In addition to my usual priority when away (food) I also had some key photo ideas I wanted to take whilst we were away and this became somewhat of a map of places to photograph. I applied the rule of thirds to a few photos I’ve taken here and hopefully you like them!

4. Keeping on the go!

I always make sure I carry my camera battery charger with me but I also rely heavily on a phone charger too. I took three battery packs to keep me on the go incase! My battery is so rubbish on my iPhone I won’t lie! Luckily Varta* gifted us a new battery pack at the event so I got to take it around with me and it charges my phone over 2 times so I really only needed this one! I’ll know for our next trip!

Finally just have fun! I am always looking up for great shots, and I have to remember it’s not all about life through the viewfinder!

* Indicates item provided for consideration of review. This post if chosen as the best from the event mentioned will mean I get to bring home the Galaxy S8+ (wish me luck!) as always photos as words are all my own