Eating on the Go in Leeds with Trinity Kitchen*

For those of you that don’t reside around the Leeds area you may have never heard of the Trinity Kitchen. It’s a great concept for the Trinity Shopping Centre Food Hall that isn’t your usual Fast Food Giants all in one place. In fact it’s all about small street food businesses some of which change regularly. I was invited to check out the newest offerings last month and boy was it fun! 

I like Trinity Kitchen as it’s so casual, you can rock up be it just you or a big group and guarantee everyone will like something that’s on offer, and that it won’t take too much time out of your day, unless you want it to! I’ll give you a quick run down of the newcomers and some drool worthy food shots:

Baking Biker

By far the loveliest team I met on my visit they really are passionate about what they do. Which is cake. All the cake. And Cadburys Creme Scotch Eggs. Oh and Cookie Doh drooooool. Everything I tried was utterly delicious and I’d recommend leaving room after your main courses, or just eating everything from here!! Who needs savoury foods right!? 

Eat Like A Greek

I was drawn to these guys because, halloumi . Their offerings are simple, lamb kofta, chicken or halloumi wraps. I went for the lamb with added squeaky cheese of course! It was utterly delicious with the right mix of saltiness and sweetness from the balsamic glaze. Plus it has salad so has to be healthy right!? 

What the Truck

Speaking of healthy don’t come here unless you are looking for hearty US inspired artery blocking Food. Think amazing Mac and Cheese and pulled pork a plenty, all with a twist (and sometimes combined!) As I’m not a Mac and cheese fan I gave these guys a miss, but did try their twist on a fish finger sandwich above  which was very spicy but tasty all the same. 

Pizza Loco

This was my second temptation of the night, and it’s quirky to boot, a wood fired oven built into a train. Offering 6 different types of pizza including a gluten free option on them, these were super nice. The Cheeky Bacon would have been nice if it weren’t for the truffle which I seem to have grown a hatred for since a terrible incident with some truffle oil fries from Prezzo. Basically never have them on Deliveroo unless you want your entire house to smell of truffle. Ew. Anyways I digress, there’s also two fab vegan offerings too, which we tried but I won’t lie I missed the cheese. 

Street Balls

A quirky play on words and you may have guessed it’s all about the meat balls either served in a sub or loaded on fries. Lucinda tried out the crispy meatballs but thanks to my aversion to spice I didn’t try these- she said they were fab. 

Also a special shout out to one of the permanent members Oh You Pretty Things for providing amazing drinks, this non alcoholic offering was amazing! 

All in all each main hits around the ¬£10 mark with a drink. All were served up within ten mins, and it’s really much better quality food than other fast food offerings. It’s not the cheapest of course but for supporting small businesses, with delicious food cooked well and quickly I think it makes a great pit stop for that all important fuel to enable me to continue hitting the shops hard afterwards! 
Let me know if you go or if you’ve been before and what your faves are.