I’m back on the ‘I must look after my skin’ train after disembarking for a few months and reverting back to using face wipes quite a bit (please don’t hate me!!). My skin, of course revolted and so I’m back to searching for products to love. As I already mentioned Moo Goo Scalp Cream has been helping with my dermatitis so that part has been calmed as my previous skincare made it flare up too, but I’ve been fortunate to have been trying out various skin care to help with the rest of my skin.


I had to replace the wipes with a decent cleanser so after trying the Steam Cream from last months Libbie Club box, but not being completely blown away I was excited to try the Aurelia Probiotic Miracle Cleanser that came in this month’s box. It arrived with the softest Bamboo muslin cloth to use alongside it, which I must say I love! I liked how it’s applied to a dry face, as my biggest annoyance is splashing water everywhere when I cleanse my face, silly I know, but the nearer I can get to no fuss, no mess wipes the better!
It smells amazing, and once you’ve massaged it in, you just wet the cloth and wipe away, so pretty easy even for me. The first time I used it my skin was ever soft! So I’ve been using it every day since and loving it. I have also been using Lush Angels on Bare Skin once a week, as I like the exfoliation that gives and I find it ever so gentle on my skin considering it is a rougher cleanser. I must admit I’m tempted by the Libbie club offer on the Aurelie cleanser as I’ve enjoyed using it so much- getting a free travel size with the larger size cleanser means I’ll get 25% extra when I buy the 120ml version for £34.

 I’ve been spritzing my face rather than toning and have been alternating the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and Body Shop Vitamin C Spritz both of these I haven’t stopped using since I bought them. I just love how refreshing they are more than anything! I also keep my new Libbie Club Roques-O’Neil Therapie Aura Spray by the side of the sofa for a spritz post nap as its another refreshing spray that’s said to awaken, calm and balance. As I say, it’s refreshing like the others, but can’t really say if any of them do a great deal! My skins softer and I feel refreshed so I guess that’s a good start!


 After that I’ve been using different moisturisers across my face. I’ve been getting massive hormonal spots all over my chin recently, it hasn’t stopped since the Mexico trip (until the last week or so) so I was on the hunt for something to help with those when I was sent the Merumaya Concentrated Spot Treatment*

This actually gives me life. I only put it on my chin area and when I have a spot it seems to dry out by the next day and doesn’t stick around as long as they used to, I’ve also been using it all last week when I didn’t have spots and haven’t had any return just yet, however I know they will but think this will hopefully keep a few at bay and dry them out before they become volcano size!a little goes a long way too, I’ve been using this for a month before I took this photo.

To moisturise the rest of my face I’ve been alternating between the Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion for the day and Kiss The Moon Facial Oils* at night. The Benefit one as much as I now dislike the brand as a whole, is the only moisturiser I can rely on to not irritate my dermatitis and moisturise the rest of my skin with no irritation and with SPF coverage. The Kiss the Moon oils* were sent for me to try out and I’ve been using the bath oils of an evening and the Calm facial oil*, which is designed to calm stressed skin, which mine certainly was with the spots and facial wipe usage! They’re designed to give a better night’s sleep too, thanks to the mix of essential oils in them. Again, I always think there’s never an exact science to say if these work or not, like, how did I know I wasn’t going to sleep as well as I did without it? But I feel more relaxed when I use them and it doesn’t wake me up (like I find certain ‘Sleep’ sprays do to me!) and I do feel my skin is softer afterwards, so a win really!


I’ve been going hard at the skin care helped along by receiving some great things to try! Another was the Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Face Mask* sent to me by Beauty Expert Again lavender as we know is soothing, so I was hoping for great things and wasn’t disappointed. I’ve used it weekly – trying for Sundays with this one mainly as its perfect for the Sunday evening pamper whilst in the bath, and again, my skin was instantly softer for it.it smells amazing and you can guess what!
I’ve also been trying out these Realign patches. These were a Love Me Beauty box pick of mine, I had one credit left and thought they’d be a fun addition to try out. Basically, you apply them to cleansed skin at night and sleep in it. It made me look very Cling on like, but the next morning when I peeled it off my forehead did look smoother, I also found when i raised my eyebrows my skin was either so taught or plump that my forehead lines didn’t show. Unfortunately, it didn’t last through the whole of the day, but I will be using one ahead of any nights out of special events as it looked fan for about 3-4 hours after removing it.

And that is it all! thanks to all those that sent me things to try as it really has helped me step up my skincare game! (Marked with an * ) And thanks to those who and recommended me products to try along the way too. Have you got any more tips for things I should be trying out? Pop then in the comments for me!
*as always all thoughts and opinions are truly my own!