Thanks to everyone wanting good hair for Christmas I was left with no time to get mine sorted when my hairdresser had time free- I’ve have had one day off where everything isn’t closed and that just wasn’t the time to try and get a four hour appointment to sort out my mop! So here I am split ends and roots and trying to make my hair look semi decent.

Cue this fab Shampoo!

Gem Lites Shampoo by Celeb Hair* I was gifted this at the now annual Salon Success Christmas Dinner and I must admit I hadn’t realised how much it would change my hair! It contains a ‘Colour Intensifier’ which does what it says on the tin and acts a semi permanent dye so has kept my hair colour going when I really needed to visit the hairdressers! You do have to patch test it first as it can be very effective, I found the Citrine shade lightened my hair once washed so much so that every time I’ve used it the next day a different friend or colleague has commented and asked if I’ve lightened my hair! Of course I replied with, no I’ve just washed it but after the third time I realised it’s actually this stuff working! Seriously good stuff. Ive found a few shades here for £21.

I’m following it up with the Kenra range that I was also gifted by Salon Success, I’m using the Moisturizing Conditioner* and the Hot Spray* to protect whilst I’m using heat on my hair. The Hot Spray is different to other heat protectors I’ve used in that it also offers a level of hold too, once I got used to combing it through before using my new styler it was perfect! The first time I got in such a tangle as it had already set my hair before I got any tool on it!

Speaking of hair stylers, I have two new fave ones, the InStyler Max* which I’m using for curling and adding volume to my hair and the InStyler Glossie* which is so good for straightening as it has a clip that ensures the hair is taught against the brush as I brush it through my hair. It keeps the volume in it that I find my straighteners take away and makes my hair look that bit thicker and bouncier as well I find.

Then to finish off I spray whatever hairspray I can find (at the moment it’s Kenra 25*) and some GHD Shine Spray.

As you can probably tell I mainly use things I’m given until they run out, however rebuys will have to be the Gem Lites Shampoo as it really does pep up my hair and the Kenra Hot Spray thanks to its protection and hold it really keeps my curls in which is a mission for most hair products!

I also asked some of my fave bloggers for their fave hair products at the moment so if you’re looking for some more inspiration then these could be for you!

Rachel from BeautyQueenUK : Aquis Hair Towel and Ouai Dry Foam

Zoe from Mammaful Zo : Klorane Nettle Shampoo and Lee Stafford Air Dry Range

Em from EmTalks: Kerastaste L’Incroyable Blowdry or anything Redken!

Thanks ladies for those recommendations! I’m after a dry shampoo as my trusty Paul Mitchell one is nearly finished so I’m thinking I might try the Lee Stafford one next on Zo’s recommendation, let me know if you try anything on here and how you find it!

*Indicates item provided for consideration of review. As always thoughts and words are my own!