My Fave Things About Hogwarts in the Snow

Im starting this by declaring my non-love of Harry Potter, I’m just not a fan buuuut bear with won’t you.. my husband Lukes is a fan- I agreed out of duress to watch some of the films a couple of Christmases ago in a deal struck so I could put our Christmas tree up early. He said Harry Potter can feel quite Christmassy and so the thought of taking him to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour came into my head when I heard about Hogwarts in the Snow.

Basically it gets a festive feel and I am here for that. So I figured I could put up with walking around if there was gonna be a bit of snow around the corner every so often. It was much more than that though and I actually really enjoyed it.

You enter the great hall which has been set up like it was for some ball- you tell me!- and it was very very impressive! They had special effect flaming Christmas puddings and allll the fake turkey. Plus the smaller trees with witches not angels at the top- I like.

I also enjoyed the cat office, knight bus and privet drive. I did NOT enjoy the butter beer. It was rank.

Diagon Alley had a snowy makeover- look for magical footsteps in the snow! And again it was super impressive!

Finally the most spectacular was the Hogwarts model, in the Snow. It was bigger than I’d expected and was very impressive and the snow they add for this time looked amazing!

If you are thinking of going then keep trying to get tickets- all the weekends were sold out but I kept checking and the day before we went scored two Sunday tickets for the perfect time too!