My Favourite Italian Eateries in York

As we adventure more I’m starting to realise that not only is location important but good food is too. This was solidified after the recent cruise we’ve just been on where food was just okay and the best food we had was the feta and garlic bread from the local bar in the port in Kefalonia. Of course we don’t all have bottomless pockets full of money, and having Yorkshire parents, I don’t like to spend a lot and I do love a bargain. It was ingrained into me at a small age!

We’ve stayed over in York twice this year, our first stay was through Sykes Cottages, and was very central and had views of the Minster itself. It was perfect as a base to either just relax in and feel at home or to discover more of York as we ventured out. We loved the Italian a few doors down (La Vecchia Scuola) and recommend it for a very affordable and tasty set menu lunch (£14.95 each for three courses )and our friends have been on the recommendation and enjoyed it just as much as we did! The food was well presented, well cooked and there was something for everyone I found, the garlic mushrooms and the pork were my faves!

For our second stay we based ourselves at The Principal Hotel which is located right next to the train station, you can walk out of the turnstile doors and be on the platform within seconds. So handy for traveling there as cars aren’t really needed once you’re in York. And the views across the gardens to the Minster are amazing!

Within ten mins walk we were sat cocktails in hand at the Evil Eye bar with our bro and sis in law. We then discovered another Italian (D’Vine) that night a small walk away on Swinegate, with bargainous and tasty food- (it was £29 for two people for 2 courses and a bottle of wine (it’s a half carafe of wine now but still bargainous!)

I was too busy having fun to get photos of food but the burgers were lush trust me! Decor wise it’s what if class as modern bling but it was very nicely done and the waiters and waitresses were beyond lovely!

Then more recently I was invited by the lovely Em Sheldon to join her and few of her readers to sample the new menu at ASK Italian . Now I hear you saying oh ASK is a chain and you can go anywhere for that, and yes you can but would it look THIS spectacular!? I think not.

As well as the company and decor being fabulous, the food was too. I’ve been dreaming about the two new Garlic Bread Speciale’s (£6.25 each) and the Purple Pesto Pasta Genovese (£12.25) (try saying that after a few wines!) which hands down is the best pasta dishes I have ever had in a restaurant.

Finally I’d recommend the Chocolate Etna (£6.75) as the chocolate fondant at the bottom of it is utterly scrumptious.

If you’ve eaten out on York and have a fave restaurant (can be any cuisine!) then please recommend them below as I would love to try more out!