Blogmas: Christmas Jumper Day 

So firstly sorry for another Christmas post- I just love Christmas! I do think there’s some great things about Christmas that everyone can get involved in and Christmas jumpers have to be one of them. If I cast my mind back to the first year I recollect the Christmas jumper being cool it was probably about 6 years ago and we all had to make our own versions! If I remember rightly I went for something Christmas tree esq (Forever onbsessed with dressing like a Christmas Tree!!) They weren’t that readily available at that time- and wow how it has all changed! 

Now they are ten a penny and every year we see different kinds from light up, musical, novelty and even matching/group ones! Also there’s been a rise in the Christmas T Shirt which I am a massive fan of considering that our office is literally tropical at all times of year! And now of course this has all lead us to one point, Christmas Jumper Day. The basics are, you donate money to wear a jumper to show your support. This year Save the Children are encouraging a donation of £2 (£1 in a school) to them to take part and have fun! It’s easy to donate just sign up here

So what will I be wearing?! Well I have a ton to choose from! From last years Next Naughty/Nice sequin one (you move the sequins up to show naughty and down to show nice!), to a light up bambi one from Primark, a musical Rudolph one from Asda, or a squirrel with a Pom Pom tail from Primark or even my men’s ASOS ‘Santa Wrapper’ t shirt??  But of course I had to buy a new one especially when I saw this beauty at George At Asda. It was like they read my mind when designing this- I’ve even had a few colleagues ask me if it’s my cat when I wore it to work last Friday too (nothing like getting in on the action early!!). 

See!? Isn’t it just fabulous!? For £12 I do think it’s a bargain. Now I do work for Asda in the real world so need to say I’ve not been asked to write this post, and overall I keep anything related to them off the blog BUT LOOK AT THE KITTY!!! How could I not feature this!? I’d like to think you’ve already gathered that all thoughts and opinions are my own, and I bought this with my own pennies of course! But it’s just so special I couldn’t not share it! I’ve now also seen this beauty at Evans in the sale at £15 and am thinking of getting it to go underneath! So when it gets a little hot I can still be wearing an amazing cat themed Christmas top.  

And of course let’s not forget the all important socks! I saw these Flamingo Ankle Socks on ASOS and instantly thought of Jennie as she was loving the flamingo crackers I’d posted on Instagram but they’d sold out- so I got her a pair to commiserate with! Then I had to get Bee a pair as she is as flamingo obsessed as I am! So now we all have matching socks and these just top the outfit off I think. 

So don’t forget your Christmas jumper on Friday 16th December, and also don’t forget to donate!