Manicure Monday 27th July- Soigné Nails Fruit Marbles Collection*

I won this collection in Soigné’s Instagram competition so thought I would swatch and review especially as it’s now only £16 (was £38) to buy in the sale! Firstly the packaging is super cute. A sturdy cardboard box with deers with floral antlers and marbles and flowers houses the polishes. Inside, the wax paper opens to reveal the dense foam Soigné used to package their individual polishes. It just says quality to me. I’m actually thinking it would make a good birthday or Christmas present for someone (especially when it works out at just over £3 a polish vs £11 individually)

First colour up is


Kyoho– described as a vibrant purple grape colour (they’re all named after fruits for the collection and Kyoho is a type of grape). Personally I would say it’s a deep lilac purple it’s really glossy and only needs 2 coats to give good coverage.

Kiwi– now I don’t know about you but I associate kiwis with being green. This bright turquoise doesn’t envoke the kiwi essence to me when I look at it, but I like it all the same. Soigné describe it as ‘duck egg,mint green’ I call it blue. A bit thinner than the others this needs a good 3 coats to provide this level of coverage.


Pêche– back on track with this peach orange colour described as a ‘vibrant pastel orange’ which seems a contradiction, but it is a lovely orange colour. 2-3 coats for this one I would say it’s not as thin as the others and went on a lot smoother with no running.

Pamplemousse– French for grapefruit this is more of the pink grapefruit variety and not the OG yellow graffiti my nana used to have for breakfast. The description of shocking pink is right, and although in the bottle it looks similar to the other pink it’s much stronger. It took 3 coats and ran when I applied it making it the thinnest of the lot

Fraise– French for strawberry this is softer than pamplemousse but still bright. Shocking strawberry pink is about right. Again this one ran but was good for 2-3 coats I would say.
Overall I can’t say the brushes are the best I’ve used, I found them a little thick for my slender nails and some of the consistencies didn’t help me I don’t think. Other than that I actually really like the colours for summer they dried fast and have lasted so far. I mean for the price I think they are fab, I used Kyoho for the spots on my mums leopard print pedi and it lasted all holiday so wears well too.

Have you tried any Soigne nail polishes before??